Check out the buzz around campus about University College's 40th anniversary.

As University College celebrates its 40th anniversary, we reached out to several administrators, faculty and alumni of the College. Here are their thoughts.

Gayle-Insler-96x132Gayle D. Inser, Ph.D.
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
“As University College celebrates 40 years of superb and innovative curriculum, it reminds us that Adelphi University has a long and highly successful history of developing programs and curriculum for adult students. For four decades we have provided educational experiences characterized by superior quality, personal attention and flexible scheduling for our working and adult students, and that commitment remains a high priority for Adelphi. Today’s University College provides more pathways than ever before into high-demand professions and career advancement, and we are proud that our students have very high retention and graduation rates. University College has always represented a model of achievement, accomplishment and advancement for adult students, and we are delighted to be continuing that success and innovation into a new decade.”

Les-Baltimore-132x96Les Baltimore, Ph.D.
Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
“I cannot believe it has been around so long. It has been part of Adelphi almost as long as I have! UC has really transformed itself over the years. When it started it was the place that anything out of the ordinary in undergrad education was stuck. Its core mission was the ABLE program for adult working students. It also housed the General Studies program and the Learning Disability Program (now the Learning Resource Program). Now it has a much more coherent focus. While it still has programs for working adults who want to start or complete a baccalaureate degree, it offers them in traditional classroom formats as well as online and blended formats. It now offers graduate programs online and houses the Adelphi high school program and other high school initiatives. I would like to see the expansion of online offerings on both the individual class level as well as on the program level. I think there is room for growth in continuing education.”

smalleyPatrick Smalley ’86
Board of Trustees Member
“One of the most valuable lessons I learned from my University College education was perseverance. My destiny after high school sent me around the world for three years. It was one of the most enriching experiences of my life. Having said that, because of my time away from home in those years I was unable to pursue a four-year college education. It was not until several years later when I was already raising a family and employed full-time that I realized the indispensability of a four-year degree. Thanks to University College, I took my first step toward a successful career in real estate and hospitality investment management. As I look back on it today, I am exceedingly grateful to University College for being there and helping me to persevere.

“University College from its inception has given adult students a path to a four-year education and the opportunity to achieve lifelong goals. I have seen the college grow from a small program to the robust one it is today with its many course and degree offerings. Adelphi University had the foresight 40 years ago to see that daily adult life was becoming increasingly demanding and it would leave little time for adults to pursue a four-year degree. Today, we see that foresight was spot-on. Demands on our time have never been more pressing, making University College with all the flexibility it offers that much more indispensable. I look forward to seeing the College continue to add new programs that will help lead more adults to higher paying job opportunities and full-time employment. In doing so, I expect it will be a leading force in the continuing development of online education.”

hoodOsbert Hood, ’86
Board of Trustees Member
“I came to Adelphi’s University College (which was then called ABLE, the Adult Baccalaureate Learning Experience) because I knew that in order to attain my dream of becoming a chief financial officer, I needed a college degree. I was working for American Express’ Great Neck, New York office, and enrolled at Adelphi a few years later. Adelphi worked for me at a time when I needed it to. I have fond memories of Adelphi and Professor Saul Myers. Professor Myers taught Intermediate Accounting. He brought real life to the subject matter and had a great sense of humor. He was a great man.”

santanielloMike Santaniello, Ph.D.
University College Faculty
“University College is different. Most colleges and universities have evening classes. University College is a program that supports returning adult and evening students very well in every way.

“I support growth, as long as University College maintains its fine student-centered support system.”

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