Adelphi gave me an incredible undergraduate student life.

Member of Adelphi University’s 10 Under 10

CEO, Tianhong Auto Accessories Co., Ltd

Wei Chen has a keen passion for travelling and exploring different countries. Now, he is in the business of helping people get to their destinations.

Chen was looking for quality education in business and found exactly what he was seeking in the Robert B. School of Business. He was also convinced by Adelphi’s excellent location in Garden City and the safety of the neighborhood. Above all, Chen admired the fantastic support team that Adelphi had for its international students, which offered all the necessary services for students like Wei to feel safe and included on campus. Kathleen Watchorn stands out among other community members, including Jiang Zhang and Nicholas Kombiadis, as a guiding figure who spent all of her time easing the transition for Wei and other students while also offering invaluable support.

After graduating from Adelphi in 2015, Chen decided to pursue his interest in aviation and transform it into a business. He spent several years developing an aviation training academy.  His acquisition of the IASCO flight academy grew the aviation school to become the top privately owned cross-country pilot training expert in China. Now, Chen serves as COO of Jiutian Flight Academy. Simultaneously, Chen became involved in the international auto parts trading business and is also the CEO of Tianhong Auto Accessories Co., Ltd. He currently sells products valued at $32 million, all in a single month.

Chen credits the leadership skills, education and campus community at Adelphi for his recent success. His advice to current students is to recognize the benefits of growth and improvement, and encourages current students to be open and flexible to change.

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