Vishwanath Gurumurthy knows that going above and beyond is how you get ahead.

Vishwanath Gurumurthy knows that going above and beyond is how you get ahead.

While interning as a graduate assistant at Northwell Health through the Jaggar Community Fellows Program, Gurumurthy got to work directly with a vice president of human capital and, in that position, was able to detect some cost-saving measures.

“They were planning to expand into a for-profit venture,” he said. “I was able to make some budgetary predictions as to what their profit and loss would be. I was able to work with some actual numbers.”

Gurumurthy has a knack for making himself a valued part of the workplace. Impressed by his experiences with the Center for Professional and Career Development, he pursued a job in that office once he’d completed his internship at Northwell Health. He ended up spending a year as a graduate assistant, working with prospective students and assisting with the Handshake career and internship network.

Gurumurthy came to the United States in 2017 to attend Adelphi and is hoping to stay once he gets his MBA.

“I wanted to go to a good local school, and Adelphi’s business school has good accreditations,” he said. “I wanted to come to New York because New York is the financial capital of the world.”

“American education is very functional and class sizes are small, so I get to know my professors very well,” he added. “Having an association with the Career Center, I have been able to get internships and other prospects.”

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