Grebe was one of two students to travel to Poland with Justyna Widera, Ph.D., associate professor, to study and test solar energy solutions.

This past summer, two Adelphi students—Veronica Grebe and Ezer Castillo—traveled to Warsaw, Poland, with Justyna Widera, Ph.D., associate professor of chemistry, to study and test materials that could make solar cells cheaper and more efficient.

Grebe, a senior majoring in chemistry, described the study abroad experience as “absolutely wonderful, especially because of how welcoming the people are.” Soon after returning, she shared some details.

How did you get involved in the summer research with Dr. Widera?
I have been involved with research in Dr. Widera’s group since my sophomore year. Dr. Widera has taken students to Warsaw during previous summers, and she offered me the opportunity to continue my research in Warsaw for the summer of 2016. Generally, all chemistry students at Adelphi are involved in research to some extent.

What was the research experience like for you?
It was intense but very enjoyable. We spent time in the lab every weekday from 9 to 5. The University of Warsaw had many resources and different instruments. The other scientists at the university were very welcoming and willing to help us with the new techniques. So, overall, I enjoyed both the learning experience and the atmosphere the university offered.

What was your biggest takeaway from it?
From studying abroad, I saw that science is truly universal. All of the other scientists at the university were interested in our research, and seeing some of the same techniques used in a different country made me realize that science is a language that everyone can speak.

What are you planning to do after Adelphi?
I hope to be accepted into a Ph.D. program for materials science.

Veronica Grebe

Veronica Grebe (left) conducted chemistry research in Warsaw, Poland, with Justyna Widera, Ph.D., associate professor (center).

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