A list of psychology conferences.

  • Association of Black Psychologists 45th Annual International Convention: July 23-27, New Orleans, LA
    “The Universality of African-Centered Psychology: Merging Domestic and Global Perspectives”
  • 121st Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association: July 31-Aug 4, 2013, Honolulu, HI
  • APA Clinician’s Corner: A Psychodynamic Approach to Treatment-Resistant Mood Disorders: Sep 20, 2013, Washington DC
  • APA Clinician’s Corner: Identifying and Treating Your Patients’ Addictions: Sep 27, 2013, Washington DC
  • Psychology and the Other 2013 Conference: Oct 4-6, 2013, Cambridge, MA
    “The Interhuman and Intersubjective: An Intersection of Discourses”
  • International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies 29th Annual Meeting: Nov 7-9, 2013, Philadelphia, PA
    “Resilience After Trauma: From Surviving to Thriving”
  • Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality 2013 Annual Meeting: Nov 14-17, 2013, San Diego, CA
    “Connections: Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Sexuality”
  • 30th Annual Conference of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation: Nov 16-18, 2013, Baltimore, MD
    “Navigating Development of the Therapist: Integration of Knowledge, Experience and Research in Complex Trauma and Dissociation”
Published Spring 2013 in Day Residue the Derner Institute Doctoral Student Newsletter

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