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Ann Levy - Senior Assistant Director of Admissions

by Ann Levy
Senior Assistant Director
of Admissions

Will my hard-earned credits transfer?
I don’t know if I can afford a private university.
Is there anything to do on campus?

Do these concerns sound familiar? They should. I went through it and I know how important the answers to these questions can be to any transfer student. Whether you are a community college transfer or have a few schools under your belt, the concerns are real.

At Adelphi, I love working with transfer students because I know firsthand how confusing and frustrating the process can be. During my time at Nassau Community College (NCC), I never planned on earning an associate degree but, rather, using my time there as a stepping-stone. The plan was to stay for a semester or two to earn some credits while figuring out what direction I wanted to take for a major and, of course, a career.

While exploring transfer options after the first year, I was even more lost. I would get acceptance letters from colleges I had applied to—only to learn that I would have to retake many basic courses I’d already worked hard to get credit for at NCC. So I decided to stay and graduate and look for my best option through proper research—meaning I spent lots of time on college websites and talking to friends about their schools.

Now that I’m on the other side of the process, I hope I can offer some clarity to transfer students and help open up new possibilities to those seeking a new beginning.

First, go online and do your research. (Adelphi has a great Transfer Credit Evaluation System, open to the public.) But then shut down that computer and make an appointment with a transfer counselor. Our admissions counselors can look at your transcript and tell you what will and won’t transfer. Adelphi is very transfer-friendly, though. Students are usually surprised at how many credits will transfer in.

Next, let’s talk about affordability. How will you be able to attend a private university? Isn’t it expensive?

The answer to that lies in your transcript, too. Adelphi rewards students for doing well academically. We offer transfer scholarships based on your college GPA, scholarships that reward you for being part of the Phi Theta Kappa national honor society, even a scholarship for graduating with an associate degree from a local community college. All you have to do is research or ask about the specifics; we’re always ready to help.

Let’s not forget about the college experience. Aside from academics, getting involved is what makes your college years memorable and worthwhile. When four of our transfer ambassadors were asked about the one thing they wish they knew about Adelphi before transferring, three of them talked about how much fun getting involved has been.

Personally, I landed my current job at Adelphi because of my involvement in college. You never know what may lead to a job, a reference or even just a great experience. My best advice is to step outside of your comfort zone, attend involvement fairs and definitely go to your transfer orientation—there’s no better place to start your new journey!

Ann Levy is herself a former transfer student. Prior to joining the admissions team at AU in 2011, she graduated from Stony Brook University with a B.A. in Sociology. Earlier, she transferred from Nassau Community College with an associate degree.

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