Adelphi University's Honors College helps Tiffany Poteat enhance her leadership skills to excel in the field of nursing.

by Valerie Mikell

For as long as she can remember, Tiffany Poteat has wanted to be a nurse. A sophomore and nursing major in Adelphi’s Honors College, Ms. Poteat knows quite well the important role nurses play in healthcare. For most of her childhood, she battled an autoimmune disease that required quality healthcare providers. Her sister, a nurse for more than 21 years, inspired her to join the profession and set a wonderful example for her.

As Ms. Poteat delves into Adelphi’s nursing program, she knows her experience in Honors College will help make her a more well-rounded professional—a nurse who has the sensitivity and capability to understand the diverse backgrounds, experiences and needs required to excel in the field.

Originally from Laurelton, New York, Ms. Poteat had attended Catholic schools for most of her life. And before she came to Adelphi, finding her niche, and a community that supported her strong faith, was a priority.

“I knew that Honors College was a place where I could learn a lot about the world and still hold true to my beliefs,” she said. “I felt comfortable and supported right away.”

Through Honors College, Ms. Poteat has had the opportunity to engage in numerous cultural experiences—her favorite to date is an excursion to nearby New York City to see Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. She’s also active on campus as a teaching assistant for Chemistry 109, serves as a commuter assistant and is a participant in Adelphi’s SafeZone.

Honors College has even helped Ms. Poteat enhance her leadership skills and her ability to collaborate with others, which complements one of her proudest moments at Adelphi—earning a spot on the executive board of the Newman Club, a Catholic organization on campus. Yes, her Honors College classmates often challenge her beliefs. But she welcomes their opinions and finds the open discussions very worthwhile.

“Sure, there are lots of differing viewpoints at Honors College. But listening to them helps you grow as a person,” Ms. Poteat said. “It’s interesting to share your beliefs with others and open yourself to other ideas and experiences.”

Ms. Poteat still has a few more years at Adelphi in her future. But even as an alumna, she imagines herself keeping close ties to Honors College for years to come.

“Honors College is a family—a family of teachers, deans and students. Everyone is so supportive, so knowledgeable, so available…and they encourage you to take advantage of every opportunity,” she said. “After I graduate, I can surely see myself as coming back to campus, keeping in touch with the Honors community and being a strong advocate for the program.”

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