Meet Theresa Woods, just one of the members of the community at Adelphi's Center for Recreation and Sports.

theresa woods in kayakMeet Theresa Woods, Faculty and Group Fitness Participant

Q. What do you do here at Adelphi?
A. I am the administrative assistant for the Anthropology Department.

Q. What sparked your interest in our group fitness classes?
A. I decided to give it a try because a coworker was taking yoga classes, and my physical therapist suggested that I might benefit from it.

Q. What classes do you attend? What is your favorite one?
A. I’ve taken yoga, barre, butts and guts, boot camp, and a few others. There was also the pop-up Aqua Zumba class, which was great; I would love to take it again. But yoga is my favorite class.

Q. How long have you been attending group fitness classes?
A. I’ve been taking the classes here for about four or five years.

Q. How have these classes benefited you?
A. I feel better, both mentally and physically. They’ve also helped me to maintain a higher level of fitness in the offseason of my sailboat racing. It’s when there aren’t any classes, like finals week, that I really realize the difference that they make. I also enjoy that the yoga classes encompass all skill levels, so even if you’ve never taken a class before you can still fit in.

Q. Do you have any advice for people looking to attend?
A. I’d say look at the classes, see what interests you and then give it a try. They’re a good way to interact with the other members of the campus community in a different environment.

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