Since 1951, Adelphi's student newspaper, The Delphian, has delivered award-winning reporting on campus events and news.

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Since 1951, Adelphi’s student newspaper, The Delphian, has delivered award-winning reporting on campus events and news. Called “the voice of the students,” The Delphian has been named Long Island’s Best College Newspaper by the Press Club of Long Island three times in the past seven years, most recently in 2018. Four of the editors-in-chief during those seven years were named Best College Journalist on Long Island.

“To be recognized as a leader among other student newspapers on Long Island is something that we’re all proud of,” says Liza Burby, the faculty adviser of The Delphian, and a journalist for 30 years. “It’s thanks to the dedication of our student staff and their desire to report the stories of what Adelphi students, staff, and administrators are doing so that we can all learn more about the University we’re a part of.”

The paper, which is published every three weeks, provides opportunities for students to lead their peers and become more involved in the Adelphi community.

“We always encourage students to write stories for us to get them involved,” says current editor-in-chief, Nicoletta Cuccio, class of 2019. “The Delphian provides us with the feeling of being on a team. We strive to help each other out as much as we can and work together to produce the best possible issues each time.”

Working on the paper also offers real-world newsroom experience.

“Each editor is responsible for their own section, meeting deadlines and editing the articles that come in to get them ready for production,” Burby says. “You need strong editing and writing skills no matter which career path you choose, and learning how to manage your fellow students is a tough thing to do. It’s great experience.”

Burby works with section editors to develop their leadership skills. Those who show commitment and promise are eligible to become editor-in-chief.

“I’m proud of the hard work and achievements of each of the editors-in-chief I’ve had the opportunity to mentor. In two cases in particular, the editors were shy and didn’t initially speak up at meetings,” she says. “But I recognized their strong reporting and writing skills and their willingness to take on new tasks, so I encouraged them to take more of a leadership role. I watched each of them gradually gain confidence as they managed their peers, deadlines and challenges to become excellent leaders.”

Each editor-in-chief has gone on to work in the field in some capacity. Brett Spielberg ’13 is the deputy director of public information and content development for the Nassau County Comptroller’s Office; Stephen Levine ’14 produces content for News 12 Long Island; and Victoria Chiesa, who earned her bachelor’s degree in 2015 and her master’s in 2017, is now the coordinator of sports information for the University.

“They keep in touch with me and I’m helpful when I can be with their careers,” Burby says. “I’m hoping students see that the newspaper can be the first step along the path of their career development.”

Burby has even seen many students who hadn’t considered a career in journalism develop an interest in the field.

“Students would graciously volunteer to do editorials or the occasional news story, and they actually discovered that they really loved it,” she says. “They became really enthusiastic staffers and writers even though their majors were political science, history or English.”

Writers and editors can also learn more about their University and fellow students by working on The Delphian.

“Whenever writers go out to interview students, they see how committed those students are to what they’re doing,” Burby says. “Whether they’re in a sorority or fraternity or another group doing community service, everyone shares that passion and we’re lucky to be able to report on that.”

Going forward, Burby and Cuccio hope to expand The Delphian‘s coverage by producing more investigative pieces, telling stories that reflect Adelphi’s diverse community, and encouraging more people to write and share their voice.

“We never have a shortage of stories to write about,” Burby says. “Adelphi is a dynamic university with students who are doing multiple activities at any given time. So for anyone who wants to feel connected, please come along and write.”

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