Meet for dance alumni who are still performing together at the Patricia Kenny Dance Collection.

What if your best friend from Adelphi became your business partner? What if your favorite Adelphi professor connected you to a job in your dream industry or helped you recruit fellow alumni to your company?

For a growing number of Adelphi alumni, these are far from mere fantasies. They are encapsulations of how the network they created as students has fueled them as professionals—and how it continues to nurture today’s students. 

Meet four dance alumni who are still performing together as members of  the Patricia Kenny Dance Collection (PKDC). In the  forthcoming spring issue of Adelphi University Magazine, you’ll meet more alumni who are working together at The Metropolitan Opera and other organizations. 

 In Good Company: Four Alumni Dance for the PKDC

As Adelphi undergraduates, Ashley Chandler ’10, Kelly Butterworth ’11, M.A. ’12, Andy Jacobs ’13 and Amanda Webster ’12 trained together in AUPAC’s studios and performed on its stages. Today, they are still dancing side by side as members of the Patricia Kenny Dance Collection (PKDC).

Ms. Chandler was the first of the four alumni to gain a spot with the PKDC. “I never would have thought Adelphi would play such an integral part of my life,” she said. It was through her Adelphi instructor, Heather Berest—a former Paul Taylor Dance Company member—that Ms. Chandler got a chance in her senior year to perform with the PKDC. That led to a permanent spot with the company.

As the PKDC continued to grow and artistic director Patricia Kenny was interested in bringing new dancers on board, Ms. Chandler looked to the talent at her alma mater. Each year since 2010, Adelphi alumni have joined the company. “It was so natural,” said Ms. Chandler of the four finding a home with the PKDC. “And it’s so nice to dance together. This company has an unbelievable connection on stage.”

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