Last year, the Office launched the Arts District so students who are passionate about the arts could support one another in their artistic endeavors.

When a resident assistant approached Resident Hall Director Kurt Ferguson about rooming with her friends in the same music program, the Office of Residential Life and Housing not only decided to deliver but got a bright idea. Last year, the Office launched the Arts District so students who are passionate about the arts could support one another in their artistic endeavors.

This living community, located on the second floor of Earle Hall A, is a blend of students from various disciplines with assistance from the Office of Residential Life and Housing and faculty who specialize in art, music, dance and theater.

“As a musician myself, I experienced firsthand the benefits of living with other artists and knew that this would be a great opportunity for Adelphi students,” said Ferguson.

In the district’s first year, more than 50 students participated. This year, so many students applied there is a waiting list for the Fall 2019 semester. Last year, the Arts District hosted programs to give students the opportunity to engage in arts-oriented activities, such as “Snow Dance It Out” in which, during a snow day, students danced the cold away with a fun dance party.

“Design the District” was another event held where students decorated the hallways using various artistic themes. Joined by resident assistants and faculty, students decorated doughnuts and got to know one another better through prompts and ice breakers as part of “Donuts With the Arts District.”

“Having the Arts District is important for students,” said junior Devin Irwin. “We rely on other artists to come and support our productions. Having the Arts District makes that easier because you’re living with them all the time.”

The program is overseen by resident assistants and Ferguson, who said the district wouldn’t exist without the help of faculty members Hannah Allen, assistant professor of art and art history; Adelheid B. Strelick, assistant professor of dance; John McDermott, assistant professor of theater; and Sidney Boquiren, PhD, associate professor and chair of the Department of Music.

“At Adelphi, we know the benefits that living on campus provide: support, convenience and unique opportunities for personal development and interactions with peers, faculty and staff,” said Adam Visconti, associate director of residential life and housing.

The Arts District isn’t the only living community where students can transform their residence halls into an engaging environment.

  • The First-Year Living-Learning Communities, located in Residence Hall B, give first-year students the opportunity to earn credits while making memories with their neighbors.
  • Gender Inclusive Housing , located in Chapman Hall, Waldo Hall and Residence Hall B, is where people of any sex or gender identity can live together. This living community creates an environment that acknowledges, respects and appreciates the diversity of the student body.
  • The Honors Residential Community for First-Year Students allows students to immerse in the Honors College experience with other high-achieving students and take advantage of on-floor classrooms, study lounges, the 24-hour Computer Lab, Honors College faculty and more.
  • The Honors College suites accommodate approximately 30 Honors College students and each one has a semiprivate bath and common living area.
  • The Greek Life and Social Fellowship Residential Learning Community is designed for students in Greek organizations and social fellowships. Students take trips into New York City and/or across Long Island, participate in community-based seminars and more.

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