Adelphi’s students study in China, India, England, Israel, Peru and the Baltic, among others.

By James Forkan

“I think the summer program is the best option for transfers because it does not interfere with their required courses.”Meagan Gandolfo

The Today show occasionally asks, “Where in the world is Matt Lauer?” But we could more often ask, “Where in the world are Adelphi students?” Given Adelphi’s latest study abroad locations, Adelphi’s students are in China, India, England (London), Israel, Peru and the Baltic, among others. 

In May through June, additional short-term, faculty-led programs will be available in Australia, France, Italy, Spain and the Baltic (Sweden, Finland and Estonia), said Barry L. Stinson, Ph.D., director of the Center for International Education (CIE). 

Specifically, the winter programs include Business in China; Peace, Human Rights and Development in Costa Rica; Experiencing London Theatre in England; Music and Dance in India; and Community Service in Peru. 

For summer, the programs include field-based research of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and rain forest; Renaissance Art in Florence and Italian language in Viterbo, both Italy; exploring social work in the Baltic region; international reporting via multimedia journalism in Norway; Spanish in Bilbao, Spain; and French in Pau, France. 

Come Fall 2013, Devin Thornburg, Ph.D., professor and chair at the Ruth S. Ammon School of Education, will lead a special semester program in Norway, in association with the American College of Norway, Dr. Stinson said. 

Some Adelphi staff members lamented that many transfers are unaware that they too are eligible for study abroad programs. 

“I read about the program in an email and saw one of the fliers around campus,” said Meagan Gandolfo, a senior international studies/art history major. I think the summer program is the best option for transfers because it does not interfere with their required courses.” She stated, “I have a very strict schedule for my international studies major and if it worked out for me, it could for anyone.” 

Asked how Adelphi might encourage transfers to explore study abroad, she said, “Transfers have a lot of electives already, and if they knew the program would definitely count toward graduation, more people would go for it.” 

Recalling her Adelphi-in-Florence trip, Meagan said, “That was an impulsive decision I made one day. I’d always wanted to see Italy and when I heard that Adelphi was taking a trip there, I thought it was a good opportunity. The trip was during the summer, so I would not lose the chance to take required classes for my major during the fall and spring.” She studied Renaissance art in Italy with Professors Tom McAnulty, Jen Maloney and Andrea Begel. 

As she said in an article in the 2010–2011 International Studies Newsletter about her study abroad experiences, “I thought to myself, what better way to study art than with a sculptor, a painter and an art historian, and where better to study art than in Italy? I highly recommend that both art majors and non-art majors alike sign up for it…I learned about Renaissance art and got to see famous works, like Michelangelo’s David, firsthand while experiencing another country and another way of life.” 

To make transfers more aware of the program, CIE distributes campus-wide emails about the program, countries available and the like. In addition, in October 2012, Dr. Stinson hosted an event, “How to Study Abroad After You’ve Transferred,” which served as an overview. The Study Abroad Fair was held February 2013. 

The reasons to study overseas, Dr. Stinson said in the presentation, include seeing the world, earning credits, building one’s résumé, improving language skills and increasing cultural awareness. 

In general, students need a 2.5 GPA, although some programs may require higher.

“Our office just focuses on for-credit study abroad opportunities,” Dr. Stinson pointed out. 

In addition, Adelphi offers community service-oriented trips, such as alternative spring break trips to Costa Rica, arranged via Della Hudson, Adelphi’s associate dean of student affairs. 

This piece appeared in the Adelphi University Transfer Student Newsletter Spring 2013 edition.

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