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Fall 2015 Newsletter Revised 10-6-2015 Rural & Migrant Ministry

Long Island, NY, Summer, 2015

Jazmine Javier, ‘16

I am still interning at the Rural & Migrant Ministry as a Farmworker Outreach Intern.

This summer my main project is interviewing East End farmworkers about their stories (working conditions, living conditions, and their aspirations). I go out to the Eastern end of Long Island twice a week to meet farmworkers, help form a community between the workers, and direct them to other service providers (doctors, lawyers, etc.).

Here is a picture of me, the Long Island Accompaniment Coordinator (Nathan Berger), and a farmworker named Boris.

Fall 2015 Newsletter Revised 10-6-2015

Nassau County Intern Program , County Executive’s Office

Nassau County, NY, Summer, 2015

Pietro Pisciotta, ‘16

I’m interning for the Nassau County Executive’s Office, specifically in the Department of Social Services. I work in the Employment Unit of DSS, our mission is to help all public assistance clients deemed employable (no disabilities, etc.) find jobs so they can eventually be self-sufficient. We do this through classes, trainings and work experience programs.

Also, all interns attend weekly seminars at the County seat, where we hear a presentation and meet with all the commissioners of the various departments in Nassau County government.

Fall 2015 Newsletter Revised 10-6-2015

The Worker Institute, Community Fellows

New York, NY, Summer, 2015

Jonathan Sclar, ‘16

I was fortunate to receive a Community Fellows position at the Worker Institute at Cornell University for the summer. It is here where I learned the value of hard work, not just through gaining work experience but also by working with and for people who struggle to find viable employment.

First I conducted field research on day laborers, who never know where their next paycheck is going to come from or if there is even going to be a ‘next paycheck.’

Second, I worked on the Justice for Farmworkers campaign and I gained an understanding of the hardships that farm workers, specifically immigrant farm workers, go through on a daily basis.

Fall 2015 Newsletter Revised 10-6-2015

Brill & Meisel Law Firm

New York, NY, Summer, 2015

Danielle Medina, ‘17

Over the summer I worked as a legal intern for Brill & Meisel Law Offices. While there I assisted paralegals and attorneys with both commercial and residential real estate closings.

I also researched specific properties, ie. zoning laws, noise regulations, etc. Having on the job experience was a real eye-opener for me. There is much more to real estate law than I first expected.

Fall 2015 Newsletter Revised 10-6-2015

Congressman Gregory Meeks

Jamaica, NY, Summer, 2015

Davina Jagdeo ‘17

Over the summer I interned at Congressman Gregory Meeks’ office in Jamaica, Queens. During my internship experience I assisted constituents with immigration paperwork and followed up on their status. In addition, I created/updated constituents’ files in the government database system.

This opportunity helped me to build a network so I can continue to stay in touch with the people in my field. My experience gave me a great start in pursuing my Political Science major; it provided hands-on experience that cannot be gained in a classroom.

Fall 2015 Newsletter Revised 10-6-2015

The Washington Center Internship

Congresswoman Nita Lowey, Washington, DC, Fall 2015

Joseph Orlando ‘16

While I am only one month into my internship at the office of Congresswoman Nita Lowey (NY – 17), I could not be happier where I am and with whom I am working with. Congresswoman Nita Lowey represents my district so this internship is incredibly special to me. Furthermore, the congresswoman embodies some of the ideas on gun control and education that I do. On only my second day I was sent to a congressional briefing on World War One and its impacts on present geopolitical conflicts.

As an intern I conduct research for the other staffers and fellows in the office, attend hearings, and write memos and letters to constituents who contact the congresswoman. While I am responsible for some remedial work such as answering the phones, I am also attending congressional hearings and gaining a new perspective on how the government really works.

Fall 2015 Newsletter Revised 10-6-2015

The Washington Center Internship

Department of the Interior, Washington, DC, Fall 2015

Elizabeth Rilling ‘16

Hello Adelphi Political Science! This semester I have the opportunity to write to you from the heart of Washington, DC. Adelphi’s partnership with The Washington Center makes it possible for me to earn 15 Political Science credits while interning in DC, in my case at the US Department of the Interior Office of Surface Mining.

Here, my supervisor has me doing research for the program that he runs. We are using this research to write a Whitepaper, which is an official document advocating or persuading for the adoption of a certain policy. In our case, it is an argument for AmeriCorp/VISTA to name environmental stewardship as one of its top-tier priorities because environmental stewardship can directly lead to poverty alleviation.

Working in the DOI is great for me as a double major in Environmental Studies and Political Science. I am meeting professionals in other departments, such as the National Park Service or the Bureau of Land Management, and I am learning how many of these successful individuals got where they are today.

I also had the opportunity to attend the Senate Committee for the Environment and Public Works’ hearing on the Gold King Mine Blowout. Being able to attend the hearing and view the political proceedings through the lens of theories and concepts I have learned in Political Science was really amazing, and I hope to attend a few others during my time here!

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