Laura Shapiro, editor of the Derner Institute Day Residue Newsletter, thanks everyone who supported its regeneration.

By Lauren Shapiro

The end of any semester at Derner typically evokes bittersweet sentiments among students and faculty; most are excited to have completed another portion of the program, proud of recent accomplishments, and eager to enjoy at least a small bit of summer relaxation and/or travel, while at the same time they are anxious about the impending workload of the next semester, uncertain of how to find the energy to work on their dissertation or new project, and fearful that without an increase in graduate assistantship funds, one order of Chinese takeout will have to somehow last for three nights instead of two. On top of these things, this spring semester seemed particularly bittersweet. In April, we learned the results of the APA site visit in December: Derner received 7 years of APA reaccreditation, thanks to the incredible work and dedication of Dr. Muran, with a great deal of support and assistance from Dr. Barber, Dr. Jackson, and all faculty and students. Along with this sweetness, however, we bid farewell to two beloved professors, Dr. Ross and Dr. Kissen, who have spent the majority of their careers at Derner and are now retiring. The contributions of Pat and Mort are immeasurable, Pat as a professor, administrator, and assistant dean, and Mort as a professor, supervisor, and very often a yoga instructor. They will be truly missed at Derner. The upcoming retirement of Dr. Coleman Paul should also be acknowledged, as he played an active and important role in the Derner community for many years.

Personally, these bittersweet feelings are still present as I leave Derner and begin internship in July. I want to thank everyone who supported the regeneration of the Day Residue and all who contributed. I am confident that the students taking over editing responsibilities will continue to improve upon what we have started and work toward strengthening connections between students, faculty, and alumni.

Published Spring 2013 in Day Residue, the Derner Institute Doctoral Student Newsletter

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