Take note of a few changes related to the email spam filtering process that will take place in January.

As a part of our continuous effort to enhance Adelphi’s email system, the Office of Information Technology will conduct a system upgrade on Tuesday, January 20, 2015. Although this upgrade will not affect most functions of email system, there are a few changes related to the spam filtering process.

What to expect:

  • Instead of a daily quarantine email, mail that the expert system believes is unwanted will be delivered to your Gmail Spam folder, accessible on the left side.

  • It is important to regularly check your Spam folder to avoid missing wanted email that Google has marked as potential spam.

  • When checking mail in your Spam folder, for any that you do want to receive in your inbox, unmark as spam to help the system learn your preferences.

  • For remaining messages you believe are spam you can click the “Delete all spam messages now” link at the top of your Spam folder.

  • In the first weeks of the transition, you may notice an increase of spam in your Inbox. As you mark those items as spam, over time the system learns what you think is and isn’t spam, and the amount of spam in your Inbox will decrease.

  • Messages that have been in Spam more than 30 days will be automatically deleted. Please check the folder regularly to make sure you are not missing important messages.

  • You will no longer use to forward unwanted mail.

  • Our security systems will continue to block any malicious email threats.

Please do not mark any University email as spam as this may result in having future important messages delivered to your Spam folder.

For additional information about spam filtering, please visit Google Support. for:

» Legitimate mail marked as spam

» Removing spam

For further information, please contact:

Office of Information Technology
p – 516.877.3340
e –

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