Mark Grabowski, associate professor, spoke to "The Christian Science Monitor" about how Twitter and Facebook will impact the first presidential debate.

Even before Facebook and Twitter announced that they will live-stream the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the match-up was likely to be the most-watched political event in U.S. history. The announcement has assured that it will be. According to Mark Grabowski, associate professor in the Department of Communications at Adelphi University, it will also alter the nature of debate coverage and how the event is perceived.   

“What’s happening with election coverage this year reflects the broader paradigm shift that’s been going on in media coverage since the internet became the primary way Americans get news,” Grabowski told The Christian Science Monitor. “No longer is the media setting the agenda, but, rather, media consumers are.”

“That said, Twitter is not always a reflection of public opinion, and we should take trending reactions to the debate with a grain of salt,” he added.

Read the full article in The Christian Science Monitor. 

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