Derner officially has an alumni organization.

by Carolida Steiner, Ph.D. ’77

Our 1,000+ alumni have always felt a strong connection to Adelphi. How, then, did it take 50+ years to create an alumni organization? Perhaps we found other ways to stay in touch. The good news is that we now have an alumni organization. Its official name is the Derner Ph.D. Alumni Chapter (D-PAC, for short). Not surprisingly, D-PAC does things Derner Style: We get stuff done and have FUN along the way. Last year, D-PAC committed itself to three initiatives: the 10th Year Party, an alumni brunch at the 2015 APA Annual Convention, and an always available, self-guided Campus Tour…

A Decade Already? The 10th Year Party

Last year’s inaugural 10th Year Party was coordinated by Allison Rothman, Ph.D. ’09. This initiative builds on the tradition of a party when students complete their last year of classes. The event was held at DaSilvano’s in Manhattan on September 19th, 2014. This year’s 10th Year Party will be coordinated by Amy Vigliotti, Ph.D. ’10. Amy and her class began the doctoral program in 2005. For more information about D-PAC’s 2015 10th Year Party, contact Allison (

Derner Invades Canada! An APA Convention Gathering

Can’t take the summer heat? Toronto in August is a good bet for cooler temps! This year’s APA Annual Convention is in Toronto? Luckily, Tanya Cotler, Ph.D. ’08, one of our own, lives in Toronto. She is coordinating a brunch at Earl’s on King Street on Sunday, August 15th, 2015. For more information, contact Tanya (

At Your Own Pace: A Self-guided Derner Tour

If you have not visited the Garden City campus in a long time, it will be familiar and yet different. One difference is the profusion of outdoor sculptures: See “Giant Disco Man” (pictured at left). The self-guided Campus Tour lets alumni (those living in New York and those living out-of-state) see Adelphi at their own convenience. What will you do on your self-guided Campus Tour? The Derner Institute is no longer housed in the Business Building, but across Cambridge Avenue, in the Hy Weinberg Building. Stop in and say hello, then get an Adelphi alumni card. Attend a cultural event or catch a free lecture at the handicapped-accessible, Performing Arts Center. Carolida Steiner, Ph.D. ’77, is coordinating the self-guided Campus Tour. For more timely information, contact Carolida (

Gordon F. Derner Remembered

Throughout 2015, the Derner Institute—under the leadership of Dean Jacques Barber—is celebrating Gordon F. Derner and his legacy. A daylong celebration of the Institute’s founder is planned for Friday, November 13th, 2015. Fortunately, for those who cannot visit campus or attend events in person, technology gives us other ways to stay in touch. Alumni and colleagues who knew Gordon can share their memories online ( gordon-derner).

Derner Alum on Facebook

If you want to let other alumni know what you’re doing or share photos of your visit to Adelphi, you can visit D-PAC on Facebook ( Sherry Breslau, Ph.D. ’91 is our Facebook Administrator. For more information, contact Sherry (

Published April 2015 in Day Residue, the Derner Institute Doctoral Student Newsletter

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