Adelphi University has a proud history of supporting of our nation’s veterans.

military-veteran-studentsAdelphi University has a proud history of supporting of our nation’s veterans. We believe the entire Adelphi community benefits from the contributions of our military and veteran students and alumni, who enrich the classroom and student life by sharing their experiences with us and serving as role models. Edwin Alburquerque, for example, is a former marine on his way to becoming a nurse. In addition to his studies, he is aiming to reintroduce Adelphi’s Veterans Club and is already extending support to his fellow veterans on campus.

We do everything we can to assist our veterans year-round, such as offering numerous support services, including our Veteran Resource Center—an invaluable resource for veterans and active military students—and participating in the Veterans Administration’s Yellow Ribbon Program, which offers tuition assistance on top of the GI Bill entitlement. We’re proud to say that U.S. News & World Report named Adelphi one of the Best Colleges for Veterans for 2017.

To show our appreciation of our veterans, we held these special events in honor of Veterans Day:

Past Events

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