Q&A with one of Adelphi's international students.

At Adelphi University, our students come from all over the world to gain experience, exposure, and knowledge as they immerse themselves as global learners. Here is a glimpse into what life at Adelphi is like for our international students!

What are your professors like?

There are two types of professors in the business school. The academic type that teaches from a book and there is a lot of information. The practical type that teaches through real life experiences and helps to choose which field of business to go into. Both are really great professors to have because we build close relationships and they give good advice.

What is different about studying for your MBA in the United States?

The atmosphere of the classroom is very different then an Asian classroom. Professors encourage participation and asking questions. In an Asian classroom, students listen first and ask questions at the end. The biggest challenge was adjusting to raising my hand in class. I have professors that encourage me to participate which builds confidence and self-esteem.

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