A summer job helped him find his life's calling.

Dr-Scott-First-JobsRobert A. Scott’s mother died when he was nine and the subsequent medical bills bankrupted his father. By junior high school, he was working summers as an assistant counselor at local day camps. Then, in high school, he got what he describes as “the best job possible” at Willson Woods Pool in Mt. Vernon, New York. As a relief worker at the pool, he enjoyed working in different jobs throughout the facility during the day and two days each week he had the late shift at the pump house. There, with hours to himself, he read dozens of books over the summer, including Attorney for the Damned, a biography of Clarence Darrow, and found his life’s calling.

“I decided not to pursue medicine as my course of study, but to find a career in which I could more directly affect issues of social justice and equal opportunity,” says Dr. Scott.

Dr. Robert Scott is the president emeritus of Adelphi University.

Excerpted from A Look Back, Adelphi University Magazine, Fall 2009 by Abby Ptachik and Lauren Kalish.

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