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Dear Students,

As we prepare to resume all classes remotely on Monday, March 23, and continue remotely for the remainder of the semester, we recognize that this shift, combined with the public health crisis that is driving this change, is unsettling for many. This is an unexpected challenge for all of us, but we are committed to your success and will ensure you have the proper support through the end of the semester.

By Monday, March 23, your professors will be providing information about how they will conduct classes from a distance and details about missed or upcoming exams. If you’ve not heard from them by the time your course should have reconvened, please reach out to them directly using their email account. Any undergraduate student who still does not hear from a professor should contact the Office of Academic Services and Retention at  Graduate students should contact their program director or dean’s office.

For any specific issues related to one or more of your classes (including attendance-related issues), please reach out directly to your professor(s) to discuss how you can continue to fulfill your academic obligations as we navigate the latest developments across our region. Please also notify your academic adviser, who can assist you in this process.

To further help you navigate the next eight weeks, we’ve prepared a list of academic resources and student support services to be provided remotely, including links for more information. Additionally, we’ve created this comprehensive website to help you throughout the semester.

What to Expect

Tools for Remote Learning

  • Moodle – Accessible remotely via eCampus, Moodle is our primary web-based learning platform. Most classes already utilize Moodle, and we expect that by March 23, virtually all classes will be utilizing the platform to provide updated syllabi, assignments, quizzes and more. On Moodle, your professors can post lectures, activities, assignments and audio/visual materials. You’ll also find in Moodle a new Remote Learning Guide, which includes videos on remote learning strategies and tutorials on many of the technologies your professors will be using in your classes.
  • G-Suite – Adelphi uses G-Suite, a package of productivity and collaboration tools, software and products provided by Google and housed on the Google Cloud. Thanks to this service, you can access:
    • Your Adelphi email;
    • Your Google calendar, which is linked to your Adelphi email account and will be a helpful tool in keeping track of Zoom invitations and virtual meetings. Please make sure it is enabled;
    • Your Google Drive, where you can save, access and share files from anywhere that you have internet access;
    • Google Hangouts  Another great application of the G-Suite is the capacity for Google Hangouts, which supports both text chat and video calls through your Adelphi Gmail account. Your professors may schedule Google Hangouts to bring your classes together in real time, or you may use them to “get together” virtually with your classmates and friends.
  • Zoom  The Zoom videoconferencing tool is another way that you can “meet” with professors, collaborate remotely with classmates and hang out with your friends. It enables live audio and video from a computer, smartphone or tablet. To learn more about Zoom, its capabilities and to obtain access, please click here.
  • eCampus – You can access eCampus and its many services from virtually anywhere that you have internet access.

Be sure to watch your student email account, as your professors may be inviting you to join scheduled online meetings. These will be added to the Google calendar associated with your Adelphi email account, so be sure to keep an eye on that as well.

Experiential Learning

  • Clinical Rotations, Practica, Field Experiences, Internships and Student Teaching
    We understand the importance of experiential learning and appreciate that not being able to work in the field is frustrating to many of our students. Each school is working with their clinical/field partners and abiding by guidance from the NYS Department of Health and the U.S. Department of Education. Our schools and departments will be communicating directly with students to let them know specifically what arrangements are being made to support you in fulfilling your clinical/field requirements. Keep an eye on your email, and we will continue to provide information as soon as it becomes available.
  • Music, Performing Arts, Laboratory Work
    Students who are in programs that rely on experiential learning or in-person guidance are facing particularly unique challenges now. We realize that teaching and learning in subjects such as dance, music, exercise science or lab sciences are not typically done online. Your professors have been encouraged to think creatively, and to reimagine how they may impart their knowledge and guidance to you in unconventional ways. You will hear from your professors directly about innovative approaches that may include webcams, online videoconferencing and more.

Advising and Academic Support

  • Academic Advising – Your academic adviser will continue to support you via email and using tools such as Zoom and Google Hangouts. Additional support for all students is available through the Office of Academic Services and Retention (OASR). Please send an email to and an OASR adviser will get back to you as soon as possible. Also note that the Academic Calendar has been updated to provide students and advisers more time to prepare for summer and fall registration.
  • Learning & Writing Centers – The Learning and Writing Centers will continue to offer free, individual and small group tutoring online. The centers will also run workshops and provide resources focused on remote learning. All services can be accessed through the Learning and Writing Center tab on eCampus.
  • Library Services – Campus library buildings are closed until further notice, but if you need information or research assistance, you can Ask a Librarian online or check out the live chat feature on the University Libraries site. Also, here’s a great page that summarizes the library services you can still access remotely:

If you have questions about materials needed for your classes, please contact your professor directly; each professor can work with a University librarian to determine availability for the entire class.

Student Support & Counseling Services  

Our student support offices are open and ready to assist you. We’ve added remote options to protect everyone’s health and well-being.

  • The Student Counseling Center is open for normal operations on a reduced schedule. Counselors are providing services both on-site and via virtual services, including phone and HIPAA-compliant platforms such as and Zoom. Walk-in services continue to be available daily 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. You have the option of face-to-face, phone or teletherapy, based on the decision of you and your counselor about the best way to access services and stay safe. If you are currently receiving services through the center, we advise that you keep your regular appointments. If you are off campus, we will help you complete your regular appointment through virtual setups. Virtual “walk-ins” are being addressed by our care coordinator through phone and teletherapy sessions. Should the University close access to the physical campus and cease on-site operations, then all regular appointments will be completed through remote access instead of face-to-face appointments. If you are in crisis, please call Adelphi Public Safety by dialing extension 5 from any on-campus phone; if you are in a crisis off campus, call Adelphi Public Safety at 516.877.3511 or dial 911. Additional resources are listed here.
  • Career & Professional Development – The Center for Career and Professional Development continues to provide job search, internship, résumé and interviewing services. You can direct any questions to or, or visit the Center for Career and Professional Development site. Additionally, Adelphi University’s Online Career Coach allows you to complete a course of career essentials on your own time. Each unit in the course consists of a LinkedIn Learning video and a short assignment that helps hone your professional skills.
  • Mentoring Supporting – Adelphi’s Mentoring Program will continue to support you through online services. One-to-one sessions will take place between pairs at a mutually convenient time; email, calls, text, Skype and Zoom are all acceptable uses of technology. Character- and life-building workshops will be led by selected facilitators and take place online. You can expect to be engaged, supported and well connected to your mentors and the entire mentoring network despite the in-person disruption.
  • Student Financial Services – If you have a question about your tuition bill, payments, financial aid or other financial matters, you can contact the Office of Student Financial Services by email at, by phone at 516.877.3080 or visit their website at Additionally, you can access your account-specific information, make a payment and much more by visiting CLASS via eCampus.
  • Campus Mail & Packages – Prior to moving out, all residential students are encouraged to pick up any packages in the Mail Room in Post Hall (Room 105) and empty mailboxes in the residence halls. Any packages or mail left behind after March 25 will be forwarded to the student’s home address on record. If your address of record has changed, it’s important that you notify Mail Services by sending the updated information to This email must be sent from your Adelphi student email account, and should include your student ID number. If you have been approved for an exception to remain on campus due to extenuating circumstances, you will continue to receive mail in your residence hall mailbox and will have access to the Mail Room for collection of packages, Monday to Friday between noon and 3 p.m.
  • Textbooks – Visit the University bookstore online and submit your textbook order. The bookstore is offering free ground shipping. If you have any questions, email the bookstore at and a manager will respond to you shortly.

As all of us face these challenging times, please know that Adelphi is just as committed to your academic success as we are to your health and safety. We appreciate your flexibility and patience as the faculty and administration work around the clock to ensure your academic success and well-being.

Please continue to visit for campus developments and answers to frequently asked questions.


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