Members of the School of Social Work are dedicated scholars who remain at the forefront of their profession with innovative and comprehensive research.

Here are some examples of recent scholarship of faculty, administrators and staff, and MSW or PhD students of the School of Social Work (with names highlighted in bold type) and their collaborators:

Publications—Peer Reviewed

Abu-Ras, W. [faculty], Burghul, M., Decker, E. (In press, 2023). Mental Health Issues Are Common, Resiliency Is Rare: Qataris and Residents’ Experiences with Distress, Traumatic Symptoms, and Coping During the Blockade. PLOS Global Health.

Abu-Ras, W. [faculty], AbuLaban, A.A., AlQaisi, S.T., AlQaisi M.T., & Decker, E. (2023). Orphans in Syria and Iraq Juggling Balls: Wars, COVID-19, and the NGO’s Financial Crisis. International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being. 10.1080/17482631.2023.2170010

Abu-Ras, W. [faculty], Birani, A., Suarez, Z.E., & Arfken, C.L. (2022). Palestinian Muslim College Students’ Attitudes to Mental Health Treatment: A Comparative Study. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 19(23), 16005. 

Counselman-Carpenter, E. [faculty], & Williams, J. (2023, accepted). Breast cancer patients and their perceptions and recommendations of groupwork. The Group Therapist.

Counselman-Carpenter, E. [faculty], Cummings, S., & Marquart, M. (2023, accepted). Trauma informed macro strategies to support faculty resilience. Journal of Faculty Development.

Dawson, B.A. [faculty], Kilgore, W., & Rawcliffe, R. [administrator] (2022). Strategies for creating inclusive learning environments through a social justice lens. Journal of Educational Research and Practice, 12(0), 3-27.

Francoeur, R.B. [faculty], & Sergiacomi, K.R. [student] (2022). When Inner Cities Are Motivated by Compassion: The Role of Palliative Social Work. In T. Altilio, S. Otis-Green, & J. Cagle (Eds), The Oxford Textbook of Palliative Social Work (2nd ed.). Chapter 41. Oxford University Press.

Dwyer, P., Ryan, J.G., Williams, Z.J., & Gassner, D.L. [student] (2022). First Do No Harm: Suggestions Regarding Respectful Autism Language. Pediatrics, 149(4), 1-3.

Brown, H.M., Dwyer, P.S., Gassner, D.L. [student], Kapp, S.K., Ne’eman, A., Ryan, J.G., & Williams, Z.J. (2022). The Autism Intervention Research Network on Physical Health Autistic Review Board. Pediatrics, 149 (Supplement 4).

Graham, W. [student], Bencomo, B., Beasley, C., & Hardy, K. (Under review). Social Work Education as Social Work Practice: Leading, Then Teaching Critical Conversations. Journal of Social Work Education.

Graham, W. [student], Velázquez, S. (Under review). The uniqueness of signature pedagogy in undergraduate social work programs. Journal of Social Work Education.

Kaplan, D.B. [faculty], Glazner, G., & Drake, C. (In press, 2023). Validation of Personhood in Participatory Arts-Based Interventions for People with Dementia. Advances in Social Science and Culture.

Kagan, R., Pressley, J., Espinoza, R., Lanktree, C., Henry, J., Knoverek, A., Duffy, S., Labruna, V. [administrator], Habib, M. [administrator], Blaustein, M.E., & Spinazzola, J. (2022). Development of a Differential Assessment Guide to Improve Engagement with Youths & Families Living with Chronic Trauma. Journal of Child and Adolescent Trauma, 16, 1-15.

Rfat, M., Zeng, Y., Yang, Y., Adhikari, K. [student], & Zhu, Y. [faculty] (2022). A Scoping Review of Needs and Barriers to Achieving a Livable Life among Refugees with Disabilities: Implications for Future Research, Practice, and Policy. Journal of Evidence-Based Social Work, 1-31.

Babulal, G.M., Zhu, Y. [faculty], Trani, J.-F. (2023). Racial and ethnic differences in neuropsychiatric symptoms and progression to incident cognitive impairment among community-dwelling participants. Alzheimer’s & Dementia; 1-9

Book Chapters

Gallo-Silver, L. [faculty], & Weiner, M. (2022). Sexual expression and physical intimacy for those challenged by serious illness. In Altillio, T., Cagle, J.G., & Otis-Green, S. (Eds), The Oxford Textbook of Palliative Social Work (2nd ed.). Oxford University Press.

Weiner, M., & Gallo-Silver, L. [faculty] (2022). Building the complete father intervention. In Altillio, T., Cagle, J.G., & Otis-Green, S. (Eds), The Oxford Textbook of Palliative Social Work (2nd ed.). Oxford University Press.

Graham, W. [student] (Under review). Transformational leadership and collaboration to reimagine field education. In Shklarski, L. (Ed), Rethinking Social Work Education in Light of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons Learned from International Social Work Scholars and Leaders. Cognella Publishing, NY.

Velázquez, S., & Graham, W.K. [student] (In press). Strategies for Successful Program Directorship: Cultivating and Valuing Contingent & Adjunct Faculty. In Mapp, S., & Boutte-Queen, N. (Eds), BSW Program Director Book. CSWE Press.

Non-Peer Reviewed

Kaplan, D.B. [faculty] (November 27, 2022). It Takes a Village… But the Villagers Are Not Thriving (At Least Not in the Nonprofit Sector). Long Island Press.

Palley, E. [faculty] (March 8, 2023). Albany should help families by expanding child care. New York Daily News. 

Palley, E. [faculty] (November 27, 2023). Childcare Aid That Families Can Actually Access. New York Daily News.

Conference Presentations

Abu-Ras, W. [faculty], & Arfken, C. (March 10-11, 2023). Alcohol Use and Non-Use Among American Muslim College Students: Past, Present, and Future. 15th Annual Muslim Mental Health Conference, Honoring Legacies Reflecting on Progress & Envisioning New Horizons. Michigan State University, Lansing, MI.

Abu-Ras, W. [faculty], Smith, K. [faculty], Kaplan, D. [faculty], & Butler, A. [student] (January 9-11, 2023). Developing Project-Based Learning That Embeds Equity-Focused Environmental Justice Education into Existing MSW Programs. Workshop presented at the 27th Annual Conference of the Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR), Phoenix, AZ.

Smith, K. [faculty], Kaplan, D.B. [faculty], Abu-Ras, W. [faculty], & Terrana, S. [faculty] (June 2022). Constructing a Bridge to Meaningful Environmental Justice Education Through Social Action. Accepted paper presentation at National Associate of Social Workers (NASW), Washington, D.C.

Araujo-Dawson, B. [faculty], & Rawcliffe, R. [administrator] (April 2023). Post-Pandemic Pedagogical Practices from a Global Perspective. Social Work Distance Education Conference. Virtual.

Demirakos, R. [faculty] (May 1-3, 2023). The Associations of Stress in Mental Health Professionals and Services to Marginalized Groups with Mental Illness During the COVID-19 Pandemic. NatCon23 for The National Council for Mental Wellbeing, Los Angeles, CA.

Counselman-Carpenter, E. [faculty], & Lee, E.K. [student]. Society on Social Work Research, 27th Annual Conference (SSWR), January 2023. Emotional expression, suppression and breast cancer patient preferences about physician driven referrals to psychotherapy, Phoenix, AZ,.

Gassner, D. [student] (August 2022). Community-Informed ABA: Incorporating Autistic Perspectives to Maximize Benefits and Minimize Harms. American Psychological Association.

Gassner, D. [student] (August 2022). Critical Conversations: Community-Informed ABA: Incorporating Autistic Perspectives to Maximize Benefits and Minimize Harms. American Psychological Association.

Gassner, D. [student] (October 2022). Demythifying Masking: What Professionals Need to Know. Stanford Neurodiversity Summit.

Gassner, D. [student] (November 2022). Clinical Round Table, “Maybe It’s Not Simply Rigidity: A Trauma Informed Lens for Utilizing CBT to Treat Autistic Adolescents. American Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABC-T).

Graham, W. [student], Beasley, C., Bencomo, B., & Hardy, K. (2022). “Social work education as social work practice: Leading then teaching critical conversations.” CSWE APM, November 10-13, 2022, Anaheim, CA.

Velazquez, S., DeLuca-Acconi, R., Graham, W. [student], Rabeno, S., Robinson, K. (2022). “Educating the Next Generation of Human Rights Advocates: An Interprofessional Partnership Panel Presentation.” CSWE APM, November 10-13, 2022, Anaheim, CA.

Graham, W. [student], Rabeno, S., Figeroux, A., & Owusu, B. (2022). Race fragility and rage during the pandemic – the aftermath. NYS Social Work Educators Association. October 19, 2022, Saratoga Springs, NY.

Graham, W. [student], Gonzalez, A., Ficklin, R. (2022). “Breaking the cycle: Utilizing ACEs in forensic settings for an empathic approach to addressing criminality.” NOFSW Conference, June 14-16, 2022, New Orleans, LA.

Habib, M. [administrator] (March 21-24, 2022). Getting the Word out on Complex Trauma: Use of Multimedia Resources to Support Education and Awareness for Youth and Families and Across Systems [Conference Presentation]. North Carolina Child Treatment Program 2022 Annual EBT Conference: Recovery and Resilience, Durham, NC.

Kagan, R., Knoverek, A., Labruna, V. [administrator], Pressley, J., Lanktree, C., & Habib, M. [administrator] (August 22-24, 2022). Expanding Engagement and Inclusion to Broaden the Reach of Evidence Supported Treatment for Complex Trauma. [Conference Presentation]. Annual Conference of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, Baltimore, MD.

Lee, E.K. [student] (November 2022). Impacts of the Financial Crisis on American Welfare Attitudes. Annual Program Meeting for the Council on Social Work Education, Anaheim, CA.

White, C. [student], Newransky, C. [faculty], Palley, E. [faculty], & Abram, M. (January 2023). Evaluating the IDEATE Integrated Behavioral Health Fellowship to Create a Diverse Interprofessional Workforce Serving Children, Adolescents, and Transition-Aged Youth. 27th Annual Conference of the Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR), Phoenix, AZ.

Abram, M., Newransky, C. [faculty], Palley, E. [faculty], & White C. [student] (November 2022). Clinical Simulation for Enhanced Interprofessional Learning. HRSA Behavioral Health Excellence, November 2022.

Manasi, A., Panchanadeswaran, S. [faculty], & Sours, E. (March 2023). Addressing gender bias to achieve ethical AI. Invited commentary for the 67th UN Commission on the Status of Women. 

Pizzo, M. [student], & Terrana, S. [faculty] (October 2022). Preparing the Next Generation of Social Work Leaders: Evaluation of Online Learning Initiatives. 55th Annual Conference of the New York State Social Work Education Association (NYSSWEA), Saratoga Springs, NY.

Rawcliffe, R. [administrator] (June 2023). Addressing Compassion Fatigue, Burnout, and Shared Trauma. NASW-NYC 8th Annual Social Work in the City Conference for the Profession. Virtual.

Rawcliffe, R. [administrator] (December 2022). Linking Social Work, Disasters and Climate Change: Opportunities for Growth and Engagement from a Practice Perspective. (Invitational Speaker). NYC Health and Hospitals Annual Bill Lane Social Work Disaster Response Conference, New York, NY.

Smith, K. [faculty], Kaplan, D.B. [faculty], Abu-Ras, W. [faculty], & Butler, A. [student] (January 2023). Developing Project-Based Learning That Embeds Equity-Focused Environmental Justice Education into Existing MSW Programs. Society for Social Work and Research, Phoenix, AZ.

Lee, S.J. [student], & Waller, B. [faculty] (January 2023). Identifying Inequities in Mental Healthcare for African American Women IPV Survivors. 27th Annual Conference of the Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR), Phoenix, AZ.

Zhu, Y. [faculty] (January 2023). Preliminary Results of the Effects of Participatory Interventions on the Psychosocial Skills and Academic Performances of Children. Accepted paper presentation at Society for Social Work and Research 27th Annual Conference, Phoenix, AZ.

Conference Poster Presentation

Kaplan, D.B. [faculty], (November 2022). Practice Change Outcomes of Post-Graduate Training in Advanced Clinical Dementia Practices. Gerontological Society of America Annual Meeting, Indianapolis, IN.

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