The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion met with Kezia Lovell, a graduating senior, to reflect on her experience as a nursing student.

What social activities/clubs are you involved in?

I am currently a member of the Adelphi Christian Fellowship and the Adelphi University Student Nurses Association, but over my time at Adelphi, I have also been a part of the women’s club soccer team.

Did you have any expectations for your senior year? If so, what were they?

Coming into my senior year, I knew it would be a bit crazy since I would be preparing for life after college. I knew it would be both nerve-racking and exciting.

As you near graduation, what are you most proud of about your Adelphi experience?

I’m most proud of the growth that I have gone through over the past few years. I’ve been able to grow emotionally, spiritually and intellectually, which has been a crazy, but eye-opening, experience.

What contributions would you like to make in the healthcare profession?

I hope to be the nurse who brings patients and families the comfort and encouragement they need to get through the hard times of life.

As it stands now: In your opinion, how can Adelphi best support student success?

Adelphi can best support student success by giving them platforms to be heard and to freely dialogue about the challenges they face to create positive change.

Lovell was recently featured in a segment of The College Tour titled “Healthcare Heroes Born”.

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