To Robyn With Love, a collaborative art project, features 21 5-in.x7-in. postcards arranged into a one-of-a-kind work of art, Each postcard features a different design, different patterns (including triangles and squares) and a variety of colors.
To Robyn With Love is a collaborative art project by Professor Robyn Cooper that features numerous postcards arranged into colorful one-of-a-kind works of art.

Patterns are all around us—in mathematics, in nature, in music and in art.

Robyn Cooper ’09, senior adjunct professor, an artist who has for the last decade been a member of Adelphi University’s Department of Art and Art History, embarked on a project nearly 10 years ago—To Robyn With Love—that uses patterns and collaborative creativity to produce one-of-a-kind works of art that are a testament to personal connection.

We asked Cooper about her art and her inspiration for this meaningful project.

Tell us a bit about yourself as an artist and an art educator

I earned my Master of Fine Arts from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 2012 and I’m actually an Adelphi University alum! I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2009. I have been teaching for more than 10 years across Long Island and have been teaching at Adelphi in the Department of Art and Art History since 2014. In 2022, I started Protégé Art Studio, where I teach classes and workshops to adults. My goal is to make art more accessible to everyone. I am a painter and have experience working in acrylic, oil and gouache paint, in addition to drawing and digital media. I don’t think I can pick a favorite medium as it truly depends on what I’m working on at the moment. In my personal work, I am interested in exploring: family, relationships, the idea of home, community, love, loneliness, isolation, humor, sadness, happiness, food and gathering around the table.

What gave you the idea to start the To Robyn With Love project?

To Robyn With Love is a collaborative project that was derived from my need to feel more connected to those around me after the loss of my grandfather in 2015. Each postcard has an original pattern I designed that serves as a starting point for inspiration. Once complete, I ask for the piece to be titled, their connection to me recorded and then mailed back to me. When I receive each postcard, it reminds me that I’m never truly alone.

How do you decide on the pattern you will draw to begin each postcard project?

I took a lot of inspiration from coloring books, wallpaper designs, architecture and nature. I wanted them to each feel unique so participants could simply follow the pattern by coloring it in or create a completely new design right on top of the existing pattern.

Who was the first person you sent a postcard to and when? How many have you sent since that time and how do you choose who to send them to?

I think my family was the first to participate. They are the source of inspiration for what I do so it feels only right they get to be the ones to experience something first. I don’t have an exact number of how many I have sent but I would estimate hundreds. Anyone can participate! Some are from family and friends, others from friends of friends, people on social media and even an entire fourth-grade class. Participants’ ages range from 4 to 90 years old.

Do you have any favorite finished projects?

The ones my family did, especially my grandparents, are special to me but I honestly love all of them. It makes me realize how much community and love and support I have. You share your love with me by participating; I share mine back by painting a rock on top.

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