Important information regarding your Adelphi login. Passwords are case sensitive.

Over the summer, Adelphi IT completed the migration of computer labs and technology enhanced classrooms to the Windows 7 operating system and Microsoft’s Active Directory networking service. These changes will affect login procedures and shared drive access.

Important information regarding your Adelphi login:

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Passwords are case sensitive.
    That means upper and lower case letters are regarded as different characters; that is, ‘A’ is not the same as ‘a’, for example.  So, if you’ve set up your password as XyZ2h1ts, you must type the capital and lowercase letters exactly that way each time you log in.

  • If you have not reset your Universal Password in the last two months you will probably need to reset your password now in order to log in to the updated systems and synchronize access to all services. This includes the wireless network and any applications accessed through eCampus.
  •  In computer labs, both faculty and students will still need to enter their username and password to use the computers.

  • If your username is longer than 20 characters, please see the special lab login instructions at:

  • Classrooms and labs no longer offer access to a universal storage location. Options such as flash drives or your Adelphi Google Drive are recommended for saving and retrieving data files.

  • The wireless network (SSID) is AU and the network key is gopanthers.

  • Technology enhanced classrooms do not require login credentials and optimized the computers for faster startup.

  • For faculty: H-Drives will appear on lab computers. I-Drives and other department shared network drives will not appear while in a lab environment.

  • A “Remote Support” button has been incorporated onto desktop computers in technology enhanced classrooms (not in computer labs). When you call the Help Desk at ext. 3340, a representative will be able to remotely troubleshoot the classroom computer.

  • An overview of software available in all computers labs and technology enhanced classrooms is located at:

  • Note for Faculty Laptop Users: If you have a University-issued laptop that we have not already migrated to Windows 7 and Active Directory, it is essential that you schedule an appointment with the Help Desk to ensure that you will be able to access all of your essential files.

 If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk for assistance.


For further information, please contact:

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Strategic Communications Director 
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