Register to share aloud the letters at the "Now You See Me/Now You Hear Me" reading on September 29.

The Collaboration Project and its campus partners are looking for participants to register to share the letters at the Now You See Me/Now You Hear Me reading on September 29.

We are looking for 99 members of the Adelphi Community (students, faculty, staff and administration) to share the Stanford rape survivor’s letter and Vice President Joe Biden’s response letter as a way of beginning a yearlong series of events to begin a dialogue regarding sexual assault on campuses and off. Members of the AU community will share parts of each letter on the Olmsted stage from 2:00 p.m-3:00 p.m. with their name and University affiliation on a screen behind them so we can put names and faces to her words.

Please note: You will need to be available for the MANDATORY REHEARSAL on Thursday, September 29, 8:00 a.m-10:00 a.m. in the PAC Olmsted Theatre. You will also need to make ONE rehearsal session to work on your section which you can choose later in this form.

*The letter from the rape victim is very graphic in parts. It will be read in its entirety.

You can register to share a part of one of the letters or to assist with marketing, creating the slideshow, preparation of space, ushering, etc.

For further information, please contact:

Professor Maggie Lally
e – 
p – 516-877-4928

Isuri Wijesundara
Assistant Director

For further information, please contact:

Todd Wilson
Strategic Communications Director 
p – 516.237.8634
e –

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