Learn about two internship experiences at Adelphi.

Hire a Panther

Hire a Panther provides Adelphi students with on-campus experiential learning opportunities.  Students work in an array of environments, collaborating with professors on projects ranging from research and tutoring to social media. 

The semester-long internships pay $10 an hour. Students to work up to 10 hours a week to jump-start their early career success. Whether you are looking for an internship, job or admission into graduate school – Hire a Panther is a surefire way to help get you the experience you need, to get where you want to be. If faculty or administrators would like to partner with us to provide students with on-campus experiential learning opportunities, please contact The Center for Career Development at 516.877.3130.

Danielle SoffermanDanielle Sofferman ’13
B.S. in Physics
On Campus Job: Research Assistant / Teacher’s Assistant for the Physics Department

Adelphi University’s Physics department has allowed me to hold a variety of jobs during my undergraduate career. Applying my knowledge as a Recitation Instructor, Tutor, Research Assistant and Teacher’s Assistant, has enhanced my understanding of the field and how other people learn about it. 

Since my sophomore year, I have worked in Adelphi’s Learning Center as a Physics Recitation Instructor and Tutor. In recitation classes, the class size averages around 15-20 students; however I have also provided individual and small group tutoring.  I have enjoyed teaching and helping students solve problems and understand concepts. Through this experience, I have learned how to use different approaches to help students learn and gained the ability to communicate information to various size groups. The challenges that I have overcome help me understand why a student may have difficulty. 

During the Summer of 2011, I was selected as one of six students to receive a McDonell Fellowship to conduct research. I studied optical nonlinearities of CdSe quantum dot thin films with my advisor, Professor Sean Bentley. The purpose of this study is to test the absorption of the material to determine if it is suitable for possible applications in optical lithography. I presented this work at various conferences such as the Adelphi University Research Conference, the 96th Annual Meeting of the Optical Society of America, and the Sigma Pi Sigma quadrennial physics conference. Through this project, I was able to advance my technical skills and relate them to theoretical knowledge in setting up experiments, using advanced equipment, collecting data, and analyzing results. The research that I have been working on has taught me not only about science, but also that good things are worth the wait.  Not everything  will present itself right away, but given time, patience and dedication, there will be results. 

This past semester, I worked as a Lab Teaching Assistant to 15 students in a Physics I class. Although I was not in the lab instructing the class, my role was to carefully read all the lab reports and correct unclear concepts. While grading the lab reports, I looked for specific information which told me that the student understood the purpose of the lab and how to analyze information. This experience has given me the opportunity to help younger students develop analytical skills that are necessary for the course.

“Through the job offerings at Adelphi, I have been able to accomplish a number of things related to my major. In my opinion, the opportunities that I had, greatly prepared me for my future in graduate school.” – Danielle Sofferman ’13

Panters with a Purpose

The Panthers with a Purpose program partners Adelphi University students interested in gaining valuable insight and experience, with nonprofits across Long Island and New York City.

The Panthers with a Purpose program attracts students from various disciplines. The semester-long internships are paid $10 an hour to work 10-15 hours a week to complete projects that aid in the sustainability of the nonprofits in the advocacy, communications, education and enrichment, and environmental sectors.

Hannah Chambers

Hannah Chambers ’16
Bachelor of Social Work
Off Campus Internship: Island Harvest

When I came to Adelphi as a freshman, I knew that I wanted a job to earn some money. The on-campus jobs went really quickly, but luckily I was chosen to be part of Panthers with a Purpose. Panthers with a Purpose placed me with Island Harvest, a nonprofit organization that fights hunger on Long Island by holding food drives, educating people about hunger, and helping those in need. The people I work with at Island Harvest are extremely nice and my hours are very flexible. Plus, I’m gaining extremely valuable experience by working in a non-profit,  all while being paid! 

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, we saw donations pouring in to support those who were affected. I have been part of thanking  all the generous donors and seeing how their contribution has provided food and services. My supervisor also expressed that she wants to introduce me to the grant writing process, which is something that many undergraduate internships do not offer. I’m so thankful to be part of Panthers with a Purpose because not only is it a source of money, it’s helping me build my resume and I am able to help the community!

America Reads / America Counts

America Reads / America Counts is a federal work-study program that hires Adelphi students to tutor local public school children in reading or math. Adelphi transportation is provided to some of the schools.

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