Chitimbire's family has traveled to Adelphi for generations—it's a family legacy.

Generations of Adelphi Panthers: Legacies

Nqobile Chitimbire traveled from Zimbabwe to study finance. Long before Adelphi started its overseas recruitment, Mr. Chitimbire’s grandfather, Mtshena Sidile ’65, who was attending a university in South Africa, was offered a scholarship to attend the Adelphi School of Social Work. Upon his graduation, he returned to Zimbabwe, where he worked for the government and became involved in various social welfare programs.

Mr. Chitimbire’s uncle, Eric Sidile ’73, studied biology at Adelphi, and then returned to practice medicine in Zimbabwe. A few years later, his aunt, Mercy Sidile ’79, enrolled in Adelphi’s communications program to study journalism, and later became a Zimbabwe trade representative in France. Her sister, Vuyelwa Sidile ’81, Nqobile’s mother, came to study biology as an undergraduate student. HIs cousin, Themba Sidile ’01, M.B.A. ’04, earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in finance, and works in the financial field in the United States.

Mr. Chitimbire feels blessed to be able to continue his family’s Adelphi legacy. Like generations before him, he earned an academic scholarship, which made Adelphi even more attractive.

“It is my hope to make them [his family] proud by excelling in my school and building on a bright future, as they have done,” says Mr. Chitimbire.

Spring 2010 Adelphi University Magazine, Alumni Events, Page 52

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