While she was still a student at Adelphi, Nicole founded her own design firm. The President and CEO of Nikster Designs said her creative juices have been flowing ever since she can remember.

President and CEO, Nikster Designs

“Go after what you want.” Nicole Cosides ’08 isn’t just sharing her own advice, she’s following it. In 2007, when she was still a student at Adelphi, she founded her own design firm. The President and CEO of Nikster Designs said her creative juices have been flowing ever since she can remember. “Even when I was young, I was always drawing, coloring, or making something,” she said. “I excelled in art classes in school, and I loved it. To be able do something you love is very rare.”

Nikster Designs began with an invitation. After creating one for her cousin’s 40th surprise birthday party, Ms. Cosides received a request for an invitation from one of the guests who received it. She continued to get referrals, and from there, her company was born. Today Nikster Designs produces everything from websites and email blasts to print and online advertisements, business kits, multimedia projects and so much more! 

Over the course of the last six years, her company has grown tremendously. Today her expertise is being sought after by multimillion dollar clients. “It went from a request for an invitation to requests by huge companies,” she said. 

Ms. Cosides, who interned at Greenstone/Fontana as a student at Adelphi, was hired as the firm’s graphic designer upon graduating in 2008. She later took on the role of art director, before becoming creative director for HJMT Public Relations, Inc. In this role she is the head designer, thinker and doer of the firm’s creative department. “This job is a designer’s dream,” she says. 

In five to ten years, Ms. Cosides plans to officially open an office for Nikster Designs, either in New York City or on Long Island. “The most rewarding aspect of having my own design firm is seeing what I have built from the ground up, where it has gone, and where it’s headed.” 

On March 20, 2013, Ms. Cosides was invited back to Adelphi as the featured artist of The Encore Series: A Graphic Design Alumni Exhibition. Visit campus to see her work on display in Blodgett Hall for the rest of the spring 2013 semester or visit Adelphi’s photo gallery to see photos today!

Three things you didn’t know about me:

In first grade my dad bought my family our first Mac, and I’ve been using one ever since! That has been really helpful, because designers primarily use Macs. I thank my dad all the time.I believe in giving back to the community. I do all the design work pro bono for My Health Community, a non-profit organization in the Bronx dedicated to the fight against obesity. I’ve designed their brochures, logo, monthly newsletters, Facebook and Twitter pages.

A hobby of mine is drag racing my Mustang. I tried it once, and it turns out I’m actually good. My favorite part? The adrenaline. And, when I win, knowing I’m a girl who just beat a 10-year veteran man.

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