Hear more about the new fitness studio opening at Adelphi University's Woodruff Hall.

The third floor of Woodruff Hall is becoming a Fitness Hub. Besides the group fitness studio and racquetball court, a new Functional Training studio has opened up this semester. Located next to the racquetball court, the space was a dedicated squash court, and was used occasionally for table tennis and overflow group fitness classes, such as yoga and HIIT.  

Functional Fitness Training uses various exercises to train your muscles to work together to perform everyday movements in life and work. According to the Mayo Clinic, functional training simulates movements you might do at work, home or sports, and prepares them for these everyday tasks.

Functional training primarily involves strength training and core workouts without the use of weight machines. Many of the exercises can be done standing. In Adelphi’s functional training studio, the participants’ body weight provides the resistance in many of the workouts, particularity in the suspension training exercises.

The equipment and “bridge” unit for Adelphi’s Functional Training studio was selected first and foremost with safety in mind. Another primary goal was to provide unique workouts and equipment that cannot be done in the Recreational Fitness Center.

Classes such as TRX/Circuit Training, Power Sculpt and 30 Minute Abs are creating a buzz among our members.

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Woodruff Hall, Room 240
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