An engineer for Turner Construction Company, he is the youngest member and only African American to assist in construction of the tallest modular building in the world.

Member of Adelphi University’s 10 Under 10.

Engineer for Turner Construction Company

“All students should never hesitate to stand up for what they believe in. While at Adelphi, I learned from others and others learned from me. It’s important to constantly strive towards being a true global citizen.”

“As an inner city youth with an instrumental music background and inspiration to be a civil engineer, I knew that Adelphi would equip me with the tools I needed to succeed to start my journey towards success. I chose Adelphi University because of its welcoming, intimate, and diverse community,” said Nahtahniel Reel-Yehudah, B.S. ’14. “Adelphi offered me the opportunity to explore a new community while still being relatively close to my home and family. Looking back, I am grateful that I chose Adelphi because I know that I made the right choice for my future.”

Reel-Yehudah currently works as an engineer for Turner Construction Company. He was recently promoted to the role of field engineer/assistant project manager for the ongoing retail expansion of the Apple Store located in the General Motors Building on 5th Ave in New York City. He is also currently pursuing his Master of Science degree in construction administration from Columbia University. One of the many reason Reel-Yehudah chose to attend Adelphi was the pre-engineering joint degree program with Columbia that the University offered. “As I narrowed down on my specific program of interest [after applying to Adelphi], the pre-engineering route with Columbia University excited me the most,” he said. In addition to his job as an engineer, Reel-Yehudah is also a mentor for middle and high school students interested in the STEM fields. In this role, he inspires underprivileged youth in the Bronx and Harlem to pursue careers in the STEM, design, and construction industries specifically.

Thus far, Reel-Yehudah says his greatest professional accomplishment has been, “being the youngest member and only African American to finally complete the construction of the tallest modular building in the world [461 Dean St. in Brooklyn, NY] as a member of the general contractor’s team. This building was the most innovative and complex experience of my professional life. This project also allowed me to provide 50% affordable housing to local Brooklyn residents while maximizing revenue over $11 million for my company. Sustainable structural development and renovations stems from the Sustainable Development course offered by the Levermore Global Scholars program with Peter DeBartolo.”

DeBartolo was among the many mentors and professors at Adelphi that Reel-Yehudah credited for transforming his life. Others included Dr. Devin Thornburg, Jennifer Ganley, Bernadine Waller, Gottipaty N. Rao, Eugene Hecht, John Dooher, Sean Bentley, Matthew J. Wright, Patricia E. Panatier, Harvey Heinowitz and the entire physics department, the Levermore Global Scholars community and the Sigma Mu chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity.

“Adelphi changed my life because it prepared me tremendously for the next stage of adulthood and competitiveness,” Reel-Yehudah said. “Because of Adelphi, I was able to matriculate to an Ivy League institution and pursue a career as a civil engineer. Overall, Adelphi expanded my perspective so much and taught me how to interact with people of all backgrounds.”

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