Over the summer, Adelphi's learning management system was updated from Moodle 3.3 to the next long-term stable version of Moodle 3.5.

Over the summer, Adelphi’s learning management system was updated from Moodle 3.3 to the next long-term stable version of Moodle 3.5, providing security patches, ensuring GDPR compliance, and providing performance and enhancement updates. The update was overseen by a collaborative group of the Office of Information Technology (IT) and Faculty Center for Professional Excellence (FCPE), with faculty guidance from the Moodle Review Group (MRG), a subcommittee of the Senate Committee for Academic Innovation in Technology (SCAIT).

What Are The New Updates?

  • An accessibility block was added which allows users to increase and decrease font size, change the color contrast on pages, as well as access an extended accessibility toolbar that includes a text-to-speech feature as well as other functions. The new color contrast and page formatting upgrades allow improvements accessibility, readability, and user experience

  • Ability to record short audio comments in any rich-text editor box on Moodle

  • Updated Assignment/Resource picker that streamlines the creation process of items on Moodle while providing greater instructional context for using different items

Moodle Add an activity or resource button

  • Phasing out old Assignment types and updating / converting to the “Advanced Assignment” activity
  • Additional Color Themes to choose from to customize and better identify your course at a glance
  • Other small enhancements to user experience

How Can I Learn More?

The FCPE will post updated tutorials and videos to their website. The welcome and navigation tours when you first enter your course are a great source of information and will introduce you to any new interface changes.

Email or call 516-877-4220 for one-on-one training/support during the Faculty Center’s hours.

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