See who inspires him and how to pronounce his name.

James Boney is the managing director of Adelphi University International (AUI). He joined the program in March 2016 and oversees the operations and management of this initiative. He was previously director of the International Study Center at Widener University.

He spoke to us about his new role.

What, in a nutshell, is Adelphi International?

Adelphi International is an alternative pathway for academically qualified international students to earn undergraduate and graduate degrees at Adelphi. AUI students are academically qualified and need additional English language support—otherwise known as English for Academic Purposes (EAP). 

What are your ultimate goals with this position?

This particular role is an exciting one. The AUI team will have a significant impact on the evolving landscape of Adelphi. For every successful student in the program, we will see an increasingly diverse and internationalized campus.

Describe a typical day at AUI.

Imagine every experience that you have ever had within the administrative and academic offices at Adelphi. Now combine them! For the students studying at AUI, we are a one-stop shop. We will be designing curriculum, creating schedules, advising students and planning student affairs initiatives.

What attracted you to the role?

I am fortunate in that this position affords me the opportunity not only to use my degrees, but also to follow my passions.

What most inspires you about your work with Adelphi International?

I believe that by working with students from (literally) all over the world, I become a better person. And like Diogenes before me, I can declare that I am a citizen of the world.

You are completing a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and have a certification in TESOL. How do these degrees inform your work with Adelphi students?

Educational psychology studies the mechanisms of the human mind that are responsible for learning and retaining information. TESOL is the study of how to teach English to speakers of other languages. These two disciplines give me a deep and informed understanding of what is necessary for AUI students to be successful.

What motivates you?

Beyond my natural inclination for learning, I am motivated by the people around me. I enjoy working with individuals who take pride in what they do. It’s infectious—in a good way!

Who inspires you?

I am inspired by people who take chances and work outside their comfort zones.

What is something about you that people may not know?

My last name is pronounced like “Bonnie,” and I have an almost encyclopedic knowledge of movies and pop culture. I welcome all challengers!

Anything else you’d like to add?

By immersing themselves in a new and challenging environment, the AUI student endeavors to grow. And as a result, Adelphi University benefits. In keeping with that belief, I welcome all members of the Adelphi family to offer feedback and suggestions on how to make the program successful for us all!

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