For a growing number of Adelphi students, summer is a time to pursue passions and explore careers through research and internship opportunities.

For a growing number of Adelphi students, summer is a time to pursue passions and explore careers through research and internship opportunities. Adelphi has established a number of programs to support students as they make the most of their summer.

See what Adelphi students are up to in Summer 2016.


Sarthak Arora is interning at the National Urban League, thanks to Adelphi’s Jaggar Community Fellows Program. 

Jaggar Community Fellows Program

A competitive, and often life-changing, paid summer internship for nongraduating (freshmen through graduate) students, providing them with an opportunity to gain valuable experience in the nonprofit sector  

The 2016 Jaggar Community Fellows are:

The American National Red Cross: Shayla Clarke, Maham Mahmood, Meredith Mounty

Catholic Charities: Stephanie Ganor, Kaitlyn Jockers, Aimee Kaplan

The Cedarmore Corporation: Tina Beahm

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory: Alexus Haddad

Community Counseling & Mediation: Katisha Deacon, Rafeya Howlader, Sharahn Rosser

Cradle of Aviation Museum: Lani Chau, Monica Marshall, Katelyn Simmons

Family & Children’s Association: Laura Mauceri

The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research: Amanda Kim

Five Towns Community Chest: Brittany Gross

Five Towns Early Learning Center: Geena Bruno, Jenisa Caban, Dominique Powell

Foundation for Sight and Sound: Leah Reisert

Friends of the Bay: Valerie Fiore

Girls Inc. of Long Island: Julia Evans and Emily Harris

Girl Scouts of the United States of America: J’atienne Campbell and Anureet Kaur

Huntington Arts Council: Thomas Gonzalez

Jamaica Bay Terrapin Research Project: Samuel Gorelik

Leadership Training Institute: Sarai Rodas

Lighthouse Guild: Jacqueline Perez

Long Island Alzheimer’s Foundation: Omar Hameed and Monika Mikolajczak

Long Island Children’s Museum: Shannon Enderle and Rima Patel

Mental Health Association of Nassau County: Marlene Rodriguez

Music & Memory: Jacob Chernack and Isuri Wijesundara

Nassau Land Trust: Vanessa Dwyre

National Multiple Sclerosis Society: Ravneet Kaur and Michael Miskiewicz

National Urban League: Sarthak Arora and Maria Bruzon

New York Cares: Ayako Nakashita, Ray Pisacane, Polina Sorokina, Melanie Strano, Kristen Sylvan

North Shore Animal League America: Bryan Grilli

Northwell Health: Janay Johnson, Hardeep Kaur, Leslie Limo, Adiena Persaud, Timothy Shavuo

Northwell Health Lions Eye Bank: Kendall Garrett

Outward Bound Center for Peacebuilding: Nandine Hemraj

PEACE, Inc.: Aniqa Islam

The Public Access TV Corporation, Inc. (PATV-Long Island): Christopher Greco and Steven Vascellaro

Rural & Migrant Ministry, Inc.: Georgia Linaris, Joshua Littman

Science Museum of Long Island: Sarah Han and Gabrielle Henis

United Way of Long Island: Angela Morales

Winthrop-University Hospital: Dominick Bacchi

Women’s Fund of Long Island: Emily Elefonte

The Worker Institute at Cornell: Maya Faison

McDonell Fellowships

A 10-week full-time science research program that provides $4,000 to each student to undertake summer study in the sciences, with the mentorship of an Adelphi faculty member

The 2016 McDonell Fellows, by subject:


Rahanna Khan: studying the morphological effects of Bisphenol A on Danio rerio, under the mentorship of Andrea Ward, Ph.D., associate professor

Alissa Schurr: studying the analysis of the relationship between atypical PKC iota (aPKCCƖ) and VHL-medicated cellular phenotypes in 786-0 cells, under the mentorship of Alan Schoenfeld, Ph.D., department chair and professor

Sabah Tariq: studying the physiological and behavioral differentiation in wolf spiders from distinct salt marsh patches in the South Shore Estuary, under the mentorship of Matthias Foellmer, Ph.D., associate professor


Ezer Castillo: studying the development of poly(indole-5-carboxylic acid)/tyrosinase hydrogel as biosensor for catechol detection, under the mentorship of Justyna Widera, Ph.D., associate professor

Samantha Muellers: studying the fragment screening of adenosine/guanosine preferring nucleoside ribohydrolase, under the mentorship of Brian Stockman, Ph.D., associate professor


Phil Beylison: studying the design and modeling of spouted bed reactors, under the mentorship of John P. Dooher, Ph.D., department chair and professor

Ivan Miketic: studying the design and fabrication of a portable sensor for monitoring ambient nitrogen dioxide with high sensitivity and specificity, under the mentorship of Gottipaty Rao, Ph.D., professor

Tara Pena: studying the optimal control of atomic excitation with frequency chirped laser light, under the mentorship of Matthew J. Wright, Ph.D., assistant professor

Honors College Summer Research Fellowship
Provides stipends—$500 per week for eight weeks—to undergraduate students in Adelphi’s Honors College to pursue original scholarship

2016 Honors College Summer Research Fellows, by topic:

Biology, Health and Medicine

Alia Danilo: exploring the works of Charles Bukowski in aid of understanding how mental health disorders affect the creative process

Kathryn Graham: examining the possible relationship of conditions of physical health and borderline personality disorder in adolescents

Veronica Grebe: developing electrochemical methods to detect low concentrations of dopamine for potential medical applications

Emma Ryan and Rheba Sam: using rapamycin to treat mitochondrial disorders in the fruit fly, with a view to eventual use in treating diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s

Angela Schickling: exploring the possible relationship between birth order and attachment security

Daniella Volaric: using CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) genetic manipulation techniques to examine protein functions in renal cells

Business and Economics

Rozmari Chakarova: looking at current marketing and public relations efforts in Cuba as attempts to build brand awareness in a state without commercial advertising

Robert Lee: studying the effects of the use of negative interest rates as an effort to stimulate national economies and if the United States should consider this move

Vladyslav Verba: building an app to bring young entrepreneurs together so that they can share and pool their skills, facilitating collective efforts

Literature, Music, Art, Design and Performing Arts

Nicole Heneveld: comparing representations of the Restoration actress Nell Gwyn from her own time to the present in literature, television and film

Gabriela Mora: studying the techniques of Michelangelo, Caravaggio and Rembrandt in using the human figure as a means of expression

Christopher Trietsch: designing and building a baritone ukulele

Rachel Vacca: using theories of political and philosophical revolution, from Thomas Paine to Hannah Arendt, in reading and interpreting literature depicting the French Revolution

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