Intern for African Hope Committee Natnael Petros speaks about her experience working for the organization.

By Natnael Petros

Starting out as an intern for African Hope Committee (AHC), I was excited and also anxious about what I’d be doing. I knew AHC was all about helping the NYC community through consultation, events, and fundraising activities, but I didn’t know what my part would be this summer. As an intern, I was quite busy. I preformed various tasks such as delivering mail to various organizations, posting the latest news on the AHC Facebook and Twitter accounts, planning fundraising events, taking leadership to write a newsletter and taking minutes of conferences, meetings and various events in the community.

My favorite aspect of my internship was the outreach aspect of it. I attended various conferences and events such as the NYC Bar debating on immigration reform and the AfricaSymmetry’s Woman’s Rights panel at the Nigerian Consulate. I learned the path to U.S Citizenship is flawed and a lot of immigrants and their families are affected negatively by it.

Through community effort and the will to make change, anything is possible. The recent immigration bill passed by the senate may be too weak for significant change, but it’s a start for further reform. I hope to take what I have learned from AHC to strengthen the career path I wish to follow when I graduate from college.”

This piece appeared in the Levermore Global Scholars Newsletter October 2013 edition.

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