In five years at Adelphi, Kyle Blackmer '12, M.A. '13, earned two degrees, played on the men's soccer team and learned of his new talent—playing trombone in a jazz ensemble.

by Cecil Harris

“It gave us more confidence when we competed well against a much bigger school on the soccer field. We knew then that we could also compete with them in the working world.”–Kyle Blackmer ’12, M.A. ’13.

“When you’re on a college search, you’ll step onto a campus and just know it’s right—that’s how I felt when I visited Adelphi,” Kyle Blackmer said. “I love the Garden City campus, the small class sizes and the openness of the professors. And I love that it’s close to New York City.”

That explains why Mr. Blackmer, a native of Marcellus, New York, just outside Syracuse, chose Adelphi University as the place to fulfill his academic, athletic and cultural ambitions.

A graduate of Adelphi’s Honors College and the Scholar Teacher Education Program (S.T.E.P.), Mr. Blackmer earned his bachelor’s degree in history and a master’s degree in education. He plans to become a junior high school teacher.

“In the seventh and eighth grades, you can have a big impact on kids,” he said. “It’s a transitional period in their lives. You can really make a positive impression on them.”

Mr. Blackmer made a positive impression on many at Adelphi.

“Kyle was intellectually curious, a very talented student but was very humble at the same time,” said Matthew Curinga, Ed.D., an assistant professor in the Ruth S. Ammon School of Education.

“I taught Kyle in several graduate education classes, and I will always remember him for the depth of his humanity, sense of humor and creativity,” said Diane Caracciolo, Ed.D., an associate professor in the Ammon School. “He was a natural and gifted storyteller in our Creative Speech and Storytelling class. I will always remember his stirring telling of the Irish folktale, ‘The Golden Apples of Lough Erne.’

Come September, Mr. Blackmer will be able to learn more Irish folktales and broaden his knowledge when he begins a one-year master’s degree program in history at Queen’s University Belfast in Ireland.

The opportunity to study abroad is something Adelphi students and graduates take advantage of every year. Mr. Blackmer, who has been to England and Scotland and has relatives in Ireland, said he intends to immerse himself in many Irish traditions, including attending soccer matches.

Mr. Blackmer was a goalie for the Adelphi soccer team for four years. In 2012 he received a Presidential Award, bestowed annually on Adelphi senior student-athletes who balance academics, athletics, community service and campus involvement while maintaining at least a 3.3 grade point average.

Competing in soccer for Adelphi against larger schools such as the University of Maryland, Syracuse University, Columbia University and Princeton University taught Mr. Blackmer an important lesson, he said.

“It gave us more confidence when we competed well against a much bigger school on the soccer field,” he said. “We knew then that we could also compete with them in the working world.”

While at Adelphi, Mr. Blackmer also found an outlet for his musical talent. After learning that his roommate played bass in a jazz ensemble, Mr. Blackmer, who plays trombone, joined the group and performed at campus events.

After spending five years at Adelphi and earning two degrees, Mr. Blackmer is excited about the future and grateful for the opportunity he has had to learn and grow. “I’m not making any decision yet about where I want to teach; in this recession, it’s important for a teacher to be flexible,” he said. “But I know that, whether it’s for a soccer game, an Honors College event or a concert, eventually I’ll be going back to Adelphi.”

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