Chief resident at New York University-Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center, he has given talks on prevention of pancreatic and prostate cancers and is a mentor for high school students who are interested in medicine.

Member of Adelphi University’s 10 Under 10.

Chief Resident at New York University-Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center

“If you have a dream, no matter how challenging it is to achieve, always remember that with hard work, anything is possible. When times are tough and you feel that you can’t achieve what you wanted, look back and remind yourself of how far you came, because becoming a physician is a lengthy but worthwhile journey.”

“I chose Adelphi University because of its strong emphasis on the sciences in preparing premedical students for medical school and beyond as well as the relatively small class sizes,” said Kevin Singh, B.S. ’09. “Personally, I chose Adelphi University because it was close to home in Queens, New York, so I maintained my strong bond with my family as well as my community.”

During his time at Adelphi, Singh had a number of mentors that included Dr. Benjamin Weeks, Dr. Lawrence Hobbie, Dr. Robert Jones, and Dr. Alan Schoenfeld. “My favorite classes during my undergraduate career included Cell Biology and Genetics. Because of the rigor of these classes, I was capable of excelling in these disciplines when I attended medical school but also taking a number of key characteristics that I use as a physician including critical thinking,” he said.

Singh was also a member of the National Biology Honor Society, Omicron Delta Kappa, and the Pre-Medical Honor Society. He also served as the vice president of the Student Government Association Class of 2009, secretary for Up ’til Dawn, and was an active member of the Department of Biology Academic Affairs Committee. Aside from his leadership roles, Singh engaged in cancer research, focusing on Von Hippel Lindau disease under the guidance of Dr. Benjamin Weeks. Singh graduated Magna Cum Laude from Adelphi and earned several departmental honors.

After graduating from Adelphi, Singh earned his Doctorate of Medicine from St. George’s University School of Medicine. Currently, he is the Chief Resident at New York University-Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center. He was chosen by the clinical faculty and residency program director to become a chief resident because of his strong academic, leadership and clinical skills. As a chief resident, his role is to educate medical students and residents on clinical medicine as well as collaborate with faculty and administrators in improving the care that they deliver to their patients.

Throughout his medical career, Singh has been involved in medical research. He has been published in the renowned British Medical Journal (BMJ) and has also presented research and medical reports at the American College of Gastroenterology Annual Meeting in Nevada and Hawaii, at the New York State American College of Physicians meeting in Syracuse, and the World Congress of Cardiology Meeting in Paris, France.

Singh is also dedicated to community service. He has given talks at the New York City Department of Health and Transit on topics including prevention of pancreatic and prostate cancers. He is a mentor for high school students that are interested in medicine in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn and he is an active alumni member of the Adelphi University community participating as a speaker in a number of events including, “Find Your Passion” and “AU Alumni Networking Meeting-Jump Start into your Career”.

“My greatest accomplishment was to become a physician,” said Singh. “As young as five years old, becoming a physician was my one and only dream. I am the first high school, college and medical school graduate on mother’s side of the family and the second physician among my cousins on my father’s side. Also, as a medical student, I excelled at my clinical rotations [which is why] I was chosen to become a medical resident in the hospital where I had trained as a medical student. Because of my strong leadership skills and clinical skills as a physician in the hospital, I was chosen by faculty among my peers to eventually become a chief resident, a known honor in medicine and perhaps the highest recognition a resident can have.”

About how Adelphi transformed his life, Singh said, “Looking back, Adelphi was the first step in my medical career. Many of the skills that I have garnered to practice as a physician, not to mention as a chief resident in my hospital, were acquired during my time at Adelphi. These skills include leadership qualities that I acquired during my time in the Student Government Association, working as a student leader in collaboration with faculty as well as serving on a number of committees including the Department of Biology Affairs Committee. I was capable of using these skills that allowed me to advocate better for my co-resident physicians but most importantly my patients. As a resident physician, I have engaged in a number of research projects but most importantly, I acquired the essential skills needed to conduct research independently while I was a student at Adelphi.”

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