"There are aspects of my career trajectory that I could not have predicted as an undergraduate at Adelphi."

Associate within the investment banking division of Nomura Securities, a leading financial services group and the preeminent Asian-based investment bank with worldwide reach

There are aspects of my career trajectory that I could not have predicted as an undergraduate at Adelphi. Though I am employed in the finance sector, as envisioned, my focus on emerging markets, specifically the Latin American region, was somewhat unexpected. I had not anticipated that learning a new language (in this case, Portuguese!) to facilitate communication and collaboration would be as important to my career as the fundamentals of finance. Working with a team that advises large companies on strategic and capital market decisions, and involves frequent travel to Brazil is a perfect juxtaposition of my interests.

My engineering background compelled me to enroll at Adelphi as a physics major. However, after working as a physics research assistant, I recognized that despite my interest I could not devote myself fully to it—I couldn’t imagine being enveloped by it for years at end. In a quest to find my calling, I explored an inchoate curiosity about finance and economics, and exposed myself to a gamut of related classes. Eventually, I decided to major in math since it offered the platform to understand and appreciate the fundamentals of the models used in other fields. To further corroborate my proclivity towards finance, I pursued numerous investment banking internships while still an undergraduate student. Despite the arduous schedule, I realized that I had discovered my passion.

Graduating in the midst of an economic crisis while seeking a career in finance was difficult; I persevered, and was even willing to relocate to Hong Kong for an opportunity. Fortunately, I found the perfect starting point in Manhattan. However, flexibility was essential—I was confident about applying the skill set that I had developed at Adelphi in a multiplicity of settings. For now, the dreams that I harbored while in undergrad are my reality. Nevertheless, my experiences continually contribute to my evolution, and different avenues activate my interest, keeping me alert for opportunities to further hone my skills.

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