He has been to Yankees games, Broadway shows and operas in New York City, and there are more cultural events to come.

Being from Pennsylvania, Philadelphia is the only major city nearby. When I arrived at Adelphi, I decided to take advantage of the Long Island Rail Road and everything Adelphi offers its students in New York City. I have been to some Yankees games, several Broadway shows and even an opera at the Metropolitan Opera House. In addition to those events, I’ve gone with my classes to the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I also got together with a group of friends and went into the city. We walked around and ended up going to the Guggenheim Museum, and then we found this amazing steakhouse. Now, it’s hard to imagine not being so close to New York City.

When I visited Adelphi in the spring of my senior year, I immediately fell in love with the campus. The campus is the perfect size because it has plenty of open space, but is still easy to get around. Coming from a small high school in Pennsylvania, I knew that I wanted to find a school that had a family feel to it. While taking a tour of Adelphi, I saw the passion that Adelphi students have for the school and the community. The passion is reflected through students’ involvement on campus. Aside from the campus, Adelphi has really strong academic programs. As part of the accelerated dental program and the Honors College, I have been given amazing opportunities that students at other schools can only dream about. Overall, Adelphi is the perfect fit for me, and I can’t imagine going anywhere else.

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