Dr. Jones has embraced the intellectual pursuits that are a hallmark of Adelphi's Honors College.

by Ela Schwartz

“[The Honors College was intellectually the most exciting and formative part of my life.”—Jody Jones, ’01, M.D.

With all the opinions foisted upon us by politicians, businesses, marketers and even our friends on social media, it’s difficult to silence the barrage of voices and formulate one’s own personal philosophy. For Jody Jones ‘01, M.D., being able to do this is fundamental to his identity as an independent thinker. And it’s a skill he largely credits to the Honors College.

Hailing from Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Dr. Jones was introduced to Adelphi by his grandmother, who attended as an adult learner. She impressed upon this budding scientist the importance of the fact that a “STEM degree alone is not sufficient to develop into an intellectual, well-rounded person,” he said. “She was the strongest factor in my decision to seek a curriculum like that of the Honors College over one focusing exclusively on math and science.”

Dr. Jones described the Honors College as “intellectually the most exciting and formative part of my life,” and recalled how he left behind the narrow worldview of a typical adolescent for the opportunity to participate in a “rich culture of debate and exchange, and the examination of ideas. I realized that my perspective and morals exist among others’ equally valid beliefs. An entire universe of thought opened up for me in the Honors College. I was learning ideas and values that would become fundamental parts of my personal philosophy.”

Although he initially intended to pursue a career in physics, this examination of ideas “unveiled my deeper passions for intellectualism and humanism,” he said. Midway through junior year, he decided to change course toward a career as an anesthesiologist. “The art of keeping a complex dynamic process functional while someone takes it apart, i.e., keeping the car running while someone changes the alternator, fits me well,” he said.

Dr. Jones related how Richard Garner, dean of the Honors College, was instrumental in guiding him throughout the medical school application process, helping him with his personal statement and providing a letter of recommendation. Ultimately, Dr. Jones was accepted into Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, from which he graduated with an M.D. in 2008.

Today he practices anesthesiology at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, a small hospital in Brooklyn. He finds a sense of fulfillment practicing his skills in an underserved community. Beyond perfecting his craft and providing guidance to interns and residents, this Honors College alum continues to exercise his intellect by reading, writing, traveling and learning new languages.

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