Hire a Panther provided Jessica Buthmann an opportunity to work in the Gordon F. Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies.

The Hire a Panther program provided Jessica Buthmann with a remarkable opportunity to work in the Gordon F. Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies with Jacques Barber, Ph.D., dean, and international postdoctoral researcher Sigal Zilcha-Mano, Ph.D.

Since February 2013, Ms. Buthmann has gained hands-on psychology experience working on clinical research projects, taping therapy sessions of patients with major depressive disorder. Using the Working Alliance Inventory, Ms. Buthmann developed a new coding manual that assesses the degree to which patients feel understood by their therapists. She also provided technical assistance and database management. These projects, as well as discussions with Dr. Zilcha-Mano, have helped Ms. Buthmann understand the importance of research, and greatly enhance her critical thinking skills.

Jessica Buthmann

Ms. Buthmann believes that her experiences from the Hire a Panther program have helped prepare her for graduate school and a career as a psychology researcher.

Perhaps even more meaningful than the work Ms. Buthmann has been able to do are the connections and relationships she has built. Dr. Barber and Dr. Zilcha-Mano have been very supportive and encouraging to her throughout the stressful graduate school application process. Working with them, as well as international research assistants, has helped Ms. Buthmann to see psychological issues from different points of view. These relationships have been extremely influential on both her career goals and her personal development.

Ms. Buthmann believes that her experiences through the Hire a Panther program have helped to prepare her for graduate school and a career as a psychology researcher. Recruiters for graduate school and research assistant positions outside the University are interested in and impressed by the opportunities she has been afforded at Adelphi. These opportunities have contributed greatly to her acceptance into the Einstein College of Medicine’s Cognitive Neurophysiology Laboratory ACE Summer Internship Program and the behavioral neuroscience master’s degree program at Queens College. She is grateful to the wonderful professors and Adelphi’s Center for Career Development for bringing her closer to her goals, and hopes that other students will take advantage of its rewarding programs.

This article appeared in the Career Compass Fall 2014 Newsletter.

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