Winter Weather Advisory Information

Dear Adelphi Community,

With winter approaching, it is time once again to plan for the possibility of winter weather that could impact travel for Adelphi community members. After careful deliberation, we have decided to implement the same protocols that have been used in previous years when inclement weather necessitated closure of our campus and center for the safety of our community members. If a snow day is declared, we will close University operations, including all instruction (both virtual and in person) and support services, for the day. Essential staff from departments such as Public Safety and Facilities will be on campus to assist with snow removal, maintaining the infrastructure and keeping the campus safe. Students, faculty and most staff will get a snow day.

The Department of Public Safety and Transportation would like to remind everyone that in the event of an emergency situation and/or school closing, Public Safety will alert you through the Adelphi University Mass Notification System (RAVE) and will post the information on radio, television and the Adelphi home page, as well as Adelphi’s weather advisory phone numbers.

The weather advisory alert phone numbers and instructions for accessing the Adelphi RAVE alerts via e-Campus are below—and printed on the back of your Adelphi University identification card.  

If you have made any changes to your cell phone number or mobile service provider, you must update your information in RAVE via eCampus in order to receive these essential alerts.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Department of Public Safety and Transportation at 516.877.3500.

Adelphi University Department of Public Safety and Transportation offers these tips:

1. Call for info. Obtain information regarding campus conditions, delays or closings by calling the following numbers, which are also printed on the back of your Adelphi ID card.

Garden City Campus: 516.877.6870

Hauppauge Center: 516.877.6871

Manhattan Center: 516.877.6872

Hudson Valley Center: 845.471.3348

2. Check radio and television stations. The following radio and television stations will continue to announce “on air” all major storm closings/delays in alphabetical order.

1100 WHLI 92.1 WLNG                            98.3 K98.3
660 WFAN 94.3 WWSK                          102.3 WBAB
97.5 WALK                            103.1 MAX FM
                                                         106.1 WBLI

TV—News 12, NBC News, Campus AU TV News

3. Opt in for RAVE alerts. Adelphi will use the University Mass Notification (RAVE) system to broadcast urgent messages and deliver instructions to the campus community in a timely manner. You can register or update your RAVE Manage Profile Dashboard through eCampus.

Please take a few moments to update or confirm your cell phone, landline and email preferences on RAVE. 

Note: To receive text messages, you must complete the Mobile Phone Number section.

In deciding whether to close or keep open Adelphi’s Garden City campus and its centers, the University closely monitors the weather and forecasts and works with local and state emergency services, including the Nassau County Office of Emergency Management. We also work in concert with other Long Island schools and universities.

In making these difficult decisions, the safety of the entire Adelphi community is our highest priority. We also understand the importance of notifying the community as early as possible and make every attempt to announce a closing by 5:00 a.m.—before most people begin commuting. Occasionally, changing weather conditions will force us to make a decision after 6:00 a.m. At all times, safety is our first concern.

Most importantly, please remember to drive carefully and to allow yourself plenty of time to get to your destination.

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