Ike Khan joined the Adelphi family in September 2012. However, Khan’s path began with a degree in biology and job as a professor in India.

Ike Khan joined the Adelphi family in September 2012 as a systems analyst and developer. However, Khan’s path began with a degree in biology and job as a professor in India.

Khan grew up in Ranchi, which is located in eastern India. His father was a professor of biology at the local university and Khan received his master’s degree in biology from Ranchi University so that he, too, could be a professor.

After receiving his degree, Khan taught biology to college students at Magadh University, about 130 miles north of where he grew up.

In 1980, after four years of teaching, Khan left India and moved to the United States to be with siblings who had come here some years before. Khan settled on Long Island, where he got married and eventually had three children. “I have been a Long Island native all along,” he says, with a big smile on his face.

After arriving stateside, Khan attended Grumman Data Systems Institute —which later became part of Briarcliff College— and received a diploma in computer programing. “That’s when I began to love programming,” he said.

“I’d have to go and get a Ph.D. to be a professor over here”, he said. “Computers were coming up at the time, that was the big thing.” With his diploma, he was able to get a job at Coty, a major beauty manufacturer.  

At Coty, he worked on Enterprise Resource Planning systems database design. As computers became more popular in the workforce, computer programmers were often tasked with creating and implementing a system of integrated applications in order to manage the business more effectively.

Khan has also worked for a few other companies including Dean Witter Reynolds Inc., but he has spent most of his professional life working in system integration.

He also knew that in order to move up in his field, he would need a master’s degree. In 1989, Khan graduated with an M.S. in Computer Science from Hofstra University. With his degree, he was able to become a manager and lead teams at work.

After many years of experience, Khan arrived at Adelphi, after turning down a transfer to work in the research triangle in North Carolina where Coty was moving their IT Department. He came to Adelphi for a new and more advanced career opportunity. He also came for the education, as he plans to apply to an M.B.A. program in the future.

“Most days are very busy,” Khan says. His work includes a mix of both management and programming and he is currently working on business intelligence projects. This involves the new Data 360 program that the University recently integrated. Data 360 allows faculty and counselors to see all of a student’s pertinent information. The purpose of this is to pay more attention to the needs of each student. According to Khan, he has run almost 1,400 reports of analyses and data since he has worked here. “Everyday is pretty busy,” Khan says.

While Khan’s work ethic and tenacity is extraordinary, what is most striking about him is his infectious smile and gregarious nature. His positive nature and optimistic sensibility make him approachable and easy to talk to. Walk with Khan and you’ll see that everyone you pass will wave and call out, “Hi Ike! How are you?.” It’s clear that everybody likes Ike.

What’s next for Khan? He plans to apply to the M.B.A. program at Adelphi. “And retirement,” he says, though he has no immediate plans for that.

“Always have hope,” Khan advises. “Life is not a straight line, but if you have hope, you will succeed.”

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