This trip has made me see things in a new light, from something as big as the world, and as small as myself.

Study Abroad in NorwayBy Allison Lazzaro

Living in another country may sound scary at first, but once you jump in and warm up to it, it’s worth it. I have come out of the small bubble I was living in my quiet Long Island town, and as introduced to the world that is out there. New people, foods, places, cultures, and the list goes on. I felt that I have not only just had fun, but have become a better person from it. 

This trip has made me see things in a new light, from something as big as the world, and as small as myself. I would not hesitate to recommend studying abroad in Norway for a second. I will take my experiences here, and the friends I’ve met with me for the rest of my life, and look back with a smile. If you ever find yourself in the lucky position of choosing a country to study in, Norway is your best bet.

I studied at the American College of Norway in a small town called Moss an hour south of Oslo, the country’s capital. The student body contains mostly Norwegians, which enables you to fully assimilate into the culture. Don’t be afraid of a language barrier though as almost 91% of the country speaks fluent English. I arrived here with no prior knowledge of Norwegian but thanks to my new friends, I have picked up on a few phrases and don’t feel as left out in conversations.

The food in Norway is a lot more similar to home than I originally thought. Although they do have a few specialties, don’t be surprised to find things such as bacon in a tube (it really isn’t as bad as it sounds). Reindeer meat could be on the menu. Hopefully it isn’t Rudolph! Fish is a popular meal choice in many variations from fishgraten and fish sticks to fish pudding and even fish burgers. Don’t worry if you don’t find those specialties appealing, Norwegian grocery stores have a range of options similar to our own. Norwegian supermarkets also carry a range of products for those with food allergies. Starting the semester, I was a
picky-eater but now I can truly say I have expanded my palate to enjoy many Norwegian foods.

Throughout my time abroad, I have had the opportunity of traveling even further, and visited more than just Norway. I have been to Denmark, Italy, France, Ireland, Belgium, England and Spain. I plan to come back to  Europe and expand that list. Each country offered its own culture, broadening and reshaping the world around me. For me, studying abroad in Norway was one of the greatest decisions I have made in my lifetime. It is an experience that has left a lasting impression on me, and has changed the way I view the world. If you can take one thing from what I’ve said, it’s this. STUDY IN NORWAY!

This piece appeared in the Levermore Global Scholars Newsletter December 2013 edition.

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