Get tips and watch the News12 interview with Adelphi Information Security Officer Kees Leune.

A recently discovered technical vulnerability in encryption software used to secure websites on the Internet caused quite a bit of media attention. The bug, popularly known at Heartbleed, has the potential to disclose private information, such as passwords, to a malicious attacker. (Watch the News12 interview with Adelphi Information Security Officer Kees Leune.)

Adelphi IT has checked all of our systems, and has concluded that none of Adelphi’s general-use, publicly accessible servers was vulnerable.

The general advice that we give is change your passwords regularly, a precaution that is as valid today as it is any time. Pick a password that is long enough, and use different passwords for different sites. If you have been using websites that were affected by the bug, we recommend that you change your password after fixes have been applied.

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