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by Mary Cortina

Making a Research Conference

Stir together four hundred students and faculty, mix well, and what do you get? the Annual Adelphi Research Conference! The 8th Annual Conference which took place on Monday, April 11, 2011, was the largest exhibit of student work and talent since the conference began in 2003. All disciplines and both undergraduate and graduate students presented at the conference. The conference began with oral presentations, followed by poster presentations, and ended with a heart-felt luncheon keynote address by Dr. Barbara Ross Lee, Vice President for Health Sciences and Medical Affairs at New York Institute of Technology. Outstanding student awards can be found on the conference website –, and a conference video will be available shortly. We are grateful to all our students, their faculty mentors and the over forty (40) faculty reviewers who participated in the conference.

Instructional Technology Grants (ITG’s) are a hit!

Does the use of technology make a difference for student achievement? What are the most effective uses of technology in the classroom? These are some of the questions that will be explored by faculty who are recipients of the provost’s inaugural innovative uses of instructional technology grants. This first call for proposals resulted in twenty-two grant applications and fifteen grant awards. Grants range from using technology to bring global speakers into the classroom, to 3D software in teaching chemistry, to using ipads, and electronic health records. These grants were often collaborative, involving partnerships between faculty and/or between faculty and schools.

The following faculty have received the first Instructional Technology Grants (ITG’s):

Pamela Buckle Henning, School of Business; Brian Stockman and Melissa Van Alstine, Department of Chemistry; Christopher Storm, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science; Brian Wygal, Department of Anthropology and Sociology; Matthew Curinga, School of Education, Robert Danielowich, School of Education; Diana Feige and Mary Jean McCarthy, School of Education; Susan Lederer, School of Education; Cindy Maguire, School of Education; Cynthia Proscia, School of Education; Stephen Rubin, School of Education; Yula Serpanos, School of Education; Devin Thornburg and Laura Martin, School of Education; Fayth Vaughn-Shauvo, School of Education; and Mary Ann Forbes, School of Nursing. For more information about these projects, see

Grant and Faculty Highlights

Faculty have been busy writing grants for external funding. To date, they have submitted thirty-eight proposals for outside funding.

Being an English learner with special needs presents unique challenges to teachers and schools. As a response to this situation, the New York State Education Department has funded the Ruth S. Ammon School of Education to establish a Technical Assistance Center for New York City. Eva Roca, director and faculty of the Bilingual/TESOL program will provide professional development for preschool teachers, teacher assistants, administrators and related services providers to better serve preschool students with disabilities who are also English learners. The Adelphi-NYC Preschool Technical Assistance Center will be located at our Manhattan Center. Once the Preschool TAC is established, it is expected to serve over three hundred preschool staff each year.

Professor Anagnotis Agelarakis received an award from the prestigious Shelby White-Leon Levy Program for Archaeological Publications for the preparation and publication of the final report on the findings of the cremated remains of soldiers’ bones on the island of Paros, Greece. These findings were the oldest polyandria burials ever found in Greece.

Arts Day Adelphi, is a day-long opportunity for talented high school juniors and seniors and their teachers to participate in intensive hands-on music, dance, theatre and acting workshops conducted by Adephi faculty. This year, the National Endowment for the Arts is providing additional funding in order to expand the program to more local students and provide professional development opportunities for their teachers.

Fulbright Highlights

Webinars are worth the listen! Listening to two Fulbright webinars last week provided some insights into their programs in the Western Hemisphere and the Arts and Humanities. Here is a quick synopsis.

The program in the Western Hemisphere emphasizes teaching and teaching/research, not research awards. The Caribbean needs expertise in business management, business administration, business education and speech language pathology; you do not need to be fluent in Spanish, except for awards to the Dominican Republic. In Mexico and Central America, knowledge of Spanish is important. In South America, Brazil has the most opportunities, and the areas of need include US studies, environmental studies, business and TEFL.

For the arts and humanities, specific countries have specific requests:

  • Nepal is seeking teaching/research scholars in Art,
  • Mexico’s award is for Art History, specifically, Lázaro Cárdenas and the Artistic and Economic Revitalization of Michoacán during the 1930s,
  • Saudi Arabia’s award is for Creative Writing, American poetry and writing, and Arabic poetry translation,
  • Israel is seeking lecturing/research in Dance, The Great Rehearsal: Jewish Identity in Russian Ballet; Dance and Cultural Identity: Rethinking the Ballerina,
  • Brazil, Film Studies, The Multicultural Debates in Transnational Perspective: Between Brazil and the U.S.; Multicultural Debates in Translation,
  • India, seeks are research award for Terrains of Survival: Narrative Investigations of Women in Environmental Struggles,
  • Senegal needs a lecturer in Literature and the Culture of New Orleans,
  • Burkina Faso, lecturing: ‘What is Africa to me?’: Teaching African-American Literature and the Search for Identity,
  • Argentina, Music, lecturing: Early Opera at the Instituto Superior de Arte del Teatro Colon: Broadening Argentine Students’ Skills in an Unfamiliar Repertory,
  • Indonesia, Religious Studies, lecturing: Western Approaches to Islam and the Future of Interreligious Understanding,
  • South Africa, Theater, lecturing and research opportunity: Scenography in Academic and Professional Theatre, South African Style.

Copyright Workshop

Michael Breton, Associate Provost for Research organized a copyright seminar for faculty which covered copyright law, fair use, TEACH and DMCA Acts, copyright infringement among other topics. It brought outside experts to campus and featured key Adelphi faculty and staff involved in copyright.

IRB Highlights

The university Institutional Review Board continues to meet monthly except for January and August. The IRB’s goal is to protect study participants, and does so by reviewing all research involving human subjects. The committee is made up of two faculty members from each of the schools and the college, along with a member of the local community. An IRB is mandated by the federal government and the Adelphi IRB reviews approximately two hundred proposals per year.

CHI Research Highlights

The research committee of the newly established Center for Health Innovation, directed by Dean Coonan, recently issued a call for proposals to encourage interdisciplinary, collaborative health studies. This is the first initiative of the CHI Research Committee which is composed of faculty from each of the schools and the college. The committee hopes to have award decisions shortly and issue more calls next semester.

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This piece is from the Spring 2011 Issue No. 15 of the FCPE Newsletter.

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