Left the private sector to become a full-time lecturer with Adelphi’s University College.

Gordon Welty, Ph.D., left the private sector earlier this year to become a full- time lecturer with Adelphi’s University College. “I will be concentrating on social science topics, including addictions, aging, gender relations, minority relations, and sociology of the family,” he says.

In his initial lectures, Dr. Welty says, “I have tried to facilitate students’ learning of complex topics through critical thinking activities, engaging them in discussion groups, and hands-on work in computer labs. The aim, he adds, is to help the students “feel confident, competent, and empowered in the learning community of the classroom.”

Dr. Welty hopes the students take away from his lectures “a rich understanding of the way institutions in America have worked and work today, and how people are shaped by those institutions, and how they shape the institutions, in turn.”

In 2007, Dr. Welty began consulting on quality management for the pharmaceutical industry. Earlier, he was manager of good manufacturing practices training at Schering-Plough, and instructional designer and program manager at Eli Lilly & Co.

Dr. Welty also has extensive experience in higher education. Before joining Eli Lilly, he was vice chancellor for information technologies at Indiana University Kokomo (IUK). He joined IUK after taking early retirement from Wayne State University, Dayton, Ohio, where he was a professor of sociology and assistant dean for computer services.

When asked the most satisfying part of his university-level teaching career, Dr. Welty says, “I have always enjoyed the intellectual curiosity at the university. I really enjoy talking with adult learners about their careers and aspirations, and hearing their understanding of the world we live in.”

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