An author and professor who has worked at the highest tiers of business, Dr. Surie believes an innovative and creative mind will overcome any obstacle.

An author and professor who has worked at the highest tiers of business and economics in the United States and India, Gita Surie, Ph.D., believes an innovative and creative mind will overcome any obstacle. 

When that obstacle is today’s economy, Dr. Surie believes that as long as Adelphi students—indeed, the citizens of this country—keep thinking in creative ways to produce innovated technology or products, they will find success.

“The U.S., in the past, has had the reputation to be an innovative and creative country,” said Dr. Surie, a feat that has warranted the United States great influence in the world.  “[The U.S. has] always been a beacon of entrepreneurship…I think what’s good about that is people want to emulate it.”

According to Dr. Surie, the goal is to get Adelphi students and U.S. citizens to remember that innovative minds thinking of new ideas and implementing them will boost the economic standing of any country they live in.

“The more people you have who are vested in the success of the U.S., the more likely it is that the U.S. will remain a leader,” Dr. Surie said.

The trick is tapping in to a student’s aspirations, something Dr. Surie achieves by coaching them to think like an entrepreneur. To kick-start her students’ ideas, Dr. Surie gives each of her students a project to create a marketable product.

The project has resulted in working prototypes of innovative products, including an on-the-go solar cellphone charger, cool wipes and a pet tracker, among others.

“[These students] are energetic, enthusiastic and they’re the ones that keep me going,” she said. “I’d like to [see my] students do brilliantly in the business world and set great examples.”

In addition to teaching Strategic Management and Management of Technology and Innovation, working on committees and the Executive-in-Residence Program, Dr. Surie has written a book titled Knowledge, Organizational Evolution and Market Creations: The Globalization of Indian Firms from Steel to Software, published in 2008.

She hasn’t stopped there. Along with multiple journal and book chapter publications, Dr. Surie is working on her second book, tentatively titled Ecologies of Innovation, dealing with technology at the national level in the renewable biofuel, solar and wind sectors of renewable energy.

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