Jonathan Bauman’s Become Undone is one of the 15 student films screened at Adelphi's 2023 student Film Festival

This annual festival showcased 16 films of various genres, all directed by Adelphi undergraduate students.

Imagine someone who looks exactly like you surprises you from behind. Or someone you quickly became close with turns out to be part of your imagination. From emotional thrillers to documentaries highlighting gun violence and dating apps, these are just some of the scenarios that Adelphi’s student filmmakers tackled in their end-of-semester projects.

These students wrote the scripts, directed, filmed and produced these exceptional submissions throughout the spring semester. The annual Film Festival, hosted by the Department of Communications under the direction of Jack Furtado, technical director, was their opportunity to showcase their work and see themselves credited on the big screen.

Also on display was the camaraderie among the students. Many worked together on multiple projects. Besides directing, several students also acted in films directed by their classmates.

The Films and Their Student Directors

Here are the films screened, in order of appearance, followed by the name and academic year of the student director as of Spring 2023:

  • A Multipurpose Spray Commercial, by Nina Berntzen, junior
  • Too Emotional, by Mariam Shvangiradze, sophomore
  • Burnt, by Nicole Cecere, junior
  • Back the Students Not the Second, by Emilia Matarrese, junior
  • Respiro, by Olivia Reid, sophomore
  • Unspoken Strangers, by Noah Moss, senior
  • Alternate Exodus, by Jonathan Bauman, sophomore
  • Alone, by Brian Bucalo, junior
  • It’s a Match! Dating Apps and Generation Z, by Alyssa Krell, junior
  • Why Do We Cuss at the Sky?, by Emilia Matarrese, junior
  • The Worst Documentary Ever!, by Ethan Bloch, junior
  • Become Undone, by Jonathan Bauman, sophomore
  • Ditto, by Emilia Matarrese, junior
  • Dissociation, by Andrew Graziosa ‘23
  • Family Recipe, by Alyssa Krell, junior
  • Mouthwash and Pesticide, by Jade McClinton Dorley ‘23

The poster advertising the festival was designed by junior Alyssa Cavaiuolo.

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