Recent accomplishments in faculty scholarship and creative work.

Regina Axelrod (Political Science) was the discussant at “Nuclear and Ethics” at the International Studies Association, San Francisco, CA, April 2013.

Craig Carson (English) wrote “Adam Smith and Economic Citizenship” in Postmodern Culture, 22 (3), 2013.

Beth Christensen (Environmental Studies) wrote, with C. Alexander, J.A. Goff, R.J. Turner and J.A. Austin, “The Last Glacial: Insights from Continuous Coring on the New Jersey Continental Shelf” in Marine Geology, 335, p. 78–99, 2013.

Michael Christofferson (History) wrote the book chapter, “Les ‘passeurs’ du dépasseur’: les historiens américains de la Révolution française et François Furet,” in Passeurs de révolution, p. 57–67 (Paris: Société des études robespierristes, 2013). He also published “Maoism and the French Sixties” in European Journal of Political Theory, 12 (2), p. 195–204, 2013. Dr. Christofferson presented the following: “Les ‘passeurs’ du dépasseur’: les historiens américains de la Révolution française et François Furet” at the conference ‘Passeurs’ de révolution, Université de Rouen, Rouen, France, January 2013; “L’historiographie américaine de la gauche française des années 1970” at the workshop La décennie 70 en France. Inflexion, retournement, restauration politique?, Université de Bourgogne, Dijon, France, January 2013; “Supplément aux Intellectuels contre la gauche (Trad. Fr.: Agone, 2009): penser la biographie de François Furet” at the seminar Marx au xxie siècle, Sorbonne, Paris, France, January 2013; his book, Les intellectuels contre la gauche, at the seminar Les gauches alternatives en Europe: idées, cultures, évolutions, Centre d’histoire de Sciences Po, Paris, France, January 2013; the comment for the panel “Left-Wing Expatriates in Wartime France: Elsa Triolet, Victor Brauner, Tristan Tzara, and Albert Camus” at the Annual Meeting of the Society for French Historical Studies, Cambridge, MA, April 2013; and “François Furet’s Liberalism” at the conference New Perspectives on the French Liberal Renaissance, University of London Institute in Paris, Paris, France, December 2013.

Catherine Chung (English) wrote the following essays: “Yellow Peril and the American Dream” in The Rumpus, April 2013, and “Wudang Mountain” in Granta Magazine, August 2013. She presented “Once Upon a Time” at the Texas Book Festival, Texas State Capitol, Austin, TX, October 2013.

Martha Cooley (English) published: “Go Tell Your Father,” an essay, in AGNI, Fall/Winter 2012–2013; cotranslations of three poems by Giampiero Neri in The Common, Spring 2013; “The Island and the Boat,” an essay in A Public Space, 18, Summer 2013. Her essay, “Stevie Smith’s Facebook Problem,” appeared in The Writer’s Chronicle, 46 (3), p. 61–70, 2013. She presented “The Craft of the Short Story: A Writer’s Perspective” at the British Council, Milan, Italy, June 2013.

James Dooley (Biology), Jonna Coombs (Biology), Eugenia Villa-Cuesta (Biology) and Andrea Ward (Biology) copublished Experimental Techniques for Concepts and Methods in Biology: Laboratory Methods Volume I (Ronkonkoma: Linus Publications, 2013). Dr. Dooley presented, with 30 other International Redbook workshop speakers, “Endangered/Threatened Caribbean Fishes” at the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, January 2013.

Orion Duckstein (Dance) performed at the following: Covenant, a duet choreographed and performed with his wife, Heather Berest, Queens, NY, April 2013; and as a performing artist at Corbindances Presents: Covergrrrl and the Bottom Feeders, Brooklyn Lyceum, Brooklyn, NY, August 2013. He restaged his original dance Love 15 on the Patricia Kenny Dance Collection and danced as a guest artist with the company for its summer 2013 tour.

Anton Dudley (English) published The Queen of Pop (Cedar Rapids: Heuer Publishing, LLC, 2013) and, with A. Kopit, A Dram of Drummhicit (New York: Samuel French, 2013). He wrote the book chapters “Tess,” p. 39; “Wawa,” p. 60–61; and “Ashley,” p. 70–71, in Actor’s Choice: Monologues for Women, Volume 2 (New York: Playscripts, Inc., 2013). He presented, with composer Brian Feinstein, “Tina Girlstar” at the Signature Theater, Arlington, VA, November 2013.

Matthias Foellmer (Biology), with J. Moya- Laraño, S. Pekár, M.A. Arnedo, T. Bilde and Y. Lubin, wrote the book chapter, “Evolutionary Ecology: Linking Traits, Selective Pressures and Ecological Functions” in Spider Research in the 21st Century, p. 112–153 (Manchester: Siri Scientific Press, 2013). He published, with K.K. Khadka, “Does Personality Explain Variation in the Probability of Sexual Cannibalism in the Orb-Web Spider Argiope aurantia?” in Behaviour, 150, p. 1731–1746, 2013. Dr. Foellmer presented “The Effects of Vegetation Density, Morphology and Condition on Mate Search Success in Male Argiope trifasciata” at the 19th International Arachnology Conference, Kenting, Taiwan, Province of China, June 2013.

Carson Fox (Art and Art History) wrote an essay published in Living and Sustaining a Creative Life, p. 50–53 (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2013).

Kermit Frazier (English) wrote Legacies (New York: Broadway Play Publishing, 2013).

Aaren Freeman (Biology) published two articles: with A.M. Blakeslee and A.E. Fowler, “Northward Expansion of the Rhizocephalan Loxothylacus paropaei (Gissler, 1884) in the Northwest Atlantic” in Aquatic Invasions, 8 (3), p. 347–353, 2013, and, with J.T. Wright, C.L. Hewitt, M.L. Campbell and K. Szeto, “A Gastropod’s Induced Behavioral and Morphological Responses to Invasive Carcinus maenas in Australia Indicate a Lack of Novelty Advantage” in Biological Invasions, 15, p. 1795–1805, 2013.

Mark Grabowski (Communications) presented the following: “Applying Common Carriage to Network Neutrality in the U.S.” at the Southern States Communication Association, the Seelbach Hilton, Louisville, KY, April 2013; “Resolving International Conflicts of Law in Internet Jurisdiction” at the International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, July 2013; “Resolving International Conflicts of Law in Internet Jurisdiction” at the American Institute on Political and Economic Systems, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, July 2013; and “The Dissemination of Communication Through Mediated Devices” at the New York State Communication Association’s Annual Conference, Honors Haven Resort & Spa, Ellenville, NY, October 2013.

Margaret Gray (Political Science) published Labor and the Locavore: The Making of a Comprehensive Food Ethic (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2013). She wrote, with A. Pole, “Farming Alone? What’s Up with the ‘C’ in Community Supported Agriculture” in Agriculture and Human Values, 30, p. 85–100, 2013. She gave two presentations: “Questioning the Agrarian Ideal: Local Food and Farm Labor” at the Latin American Studies Association Annual Congress, Washington, DC, May 2013, and “Labor and the Locavore: Engaging Consumers in Farmworker Advocacy” at the Labor and Employment Relations Association Annual Meeting, St. Louis, MO, June 2013.

Shawn Kaplan (Philosophy) wrote the book chapter, “Punitive Warfare, Counterterrorism, and Jus ad Bellum” in The Routledge Handbook of War and Ethics, p. 236–249 (London: Routledge, 2013). He presented “Drones and the Combatant Status of Terrorists” at the Canadian Society for the Study of Practical Ethics Annual Conference, University of Victoria, Victoria, Canada, June 2013, and at the Association of Political Theory Annual Conference, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, October 2013.

Hanna Kim (Anthropology) wrote two book chapters: “Swaminarayan Bhakti Yoga and the Aksarabrahman Guru” in Gurus of Modern Yoga, p. 237–260 (New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2013), and “Devotional Expressions in the BAPS Swaminarayan Community” in Contemporary Hinduism, p. 126–137 (Durham: Acumen Publishing, 2013). She presented the following: “Prayers in Translation: Reflections on the Portability of Contemplative Practices” at the Society for the Anthropology of Religion, Pasadena, CA, April 2013; “Thinking Through Akshardham: Transnational Assemblages and Relations in the BAPS Swaminarayan Community” at Gujarat Itihas Parishad, Maharaja Sayaji Rao University, B.J. Institute of Learning and Research, BAPS Swaminarayan Research Institute, New Delhi, India, August 2013; and “Moral Claims, Liberal Critiques, and Making a Case for Unscrambling Epistemologies of Difference” at the American Anthropological Association, Chicago, IL, November 2013.

Katie Laatikainen (Political Science), with K.E. Jørgensen, published The European Union and International Institutions: Performance, Policy Power (London: Routledge, 2013), in which they wrote the “Introduction,” p. 1–11, and she wrote the book chapter, “EU Multilateralism in a Multipolar World,” p. 472–487.

Traci Levy (Political Science) contributed chapter 3, “Families as Relationships of Intimacy and Care,” in Justice, Politics, and the Family, edited by D. Engster and T. Metz, p. 42–58 (Boulder: Paradigm Publishers, 2013).

Heather Liwanag (Biology) presented the following: with M.M. Dickson, S.A. Zimmermann and R.E. Espinoza, “Evolution on Your Porch: Physiological Adaptation by Mediterranean House Geckos to Their Introduced Niches” at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology, San Francisco, CA, January 2013, and at the Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists, Albuquerque, NM, July 2013; with C. Marcos, “From Ice to Ocean: Changes in the Thermal Function of Harp Seal Fur with Ontogeny,” and, with N. Gmuca, “The Fat and the Furriest: Morphological Changes in Harp Seal Fur with Ontogeny” at the 10th Annual Research Conference, Adelphi University, Garden City, NY, April 2013; and, with L.E. Pearson, M.O. Hammill and J.M. Burns, “Thermoregulatory Strategy Shifts with Development in Harp Seal Pups (Pagophilus groenlandicus)” at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Experimental Biology, Valencia, Spain, July 2013.

Cindy Maguire (Art and Art History) participated in the following exhibitions: Postcard Project II: Feminist Remix, an online ongoing dialogue about the issues of gender equality and social justice in the context of art in the classroom and beyond, February 2013; Drawing Connections, a juried exhibition, Fort Worth, TX, March 2013; World Savvy Population & Progress Collaborator’s Guide, online, March 2013; Quilt of Aspiration, a collaborative project with Adelphi undergraduate art education students and Mineola High School students, Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site, Topeka, KS, April 2013; Drawing Threads Triangle Factory Memorial Exhibition, curated by artist Pamela Koehler, Rockville Centre, NY, April 2013; One Million Bones, a largescale social arts practice to raise awareness of ongoing genocides led by artist Naomi Natale, May 2013; Family Trade, Clay on Main, Oley, PA, August 2013; and First Theranda Animation Film Festival, an outgrowth of an ongoing community arts project collectively designed and implemented by U.S. and Kosovar artists and cultural workers, Theranda, Kosovo, August 2013. She wrote, with J. Mishook, I. Garcia, and G. de Gaillande, “Creating Multiple Pathways in the Arts: A New York City Case Study” in the International Journal of Education & the Arts, 14 (10), p. 1–36, 2013. She presented the following: “Imagining and Acting to Change Our World: An International Arts Collaboration in Suhareka, Kosovo” at Temple University, Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA, January 2013; with E. Heilman and J. Quigley, “Artistic Noise: Restorative Justice and the Arts in Alternative and Traditional Education Settings” and, with R. McCallum and D. Helwig, “Creating and Sustaining International Collaborations Through the Arts: Three Years and Counting in Suhareka” at the National Art Education Association, Fort Worth, TX, March 2013; and “Arts and Human Rights in Art Education” at VII ART ifariti, International Encounters of Art and Human Rights, Wilaya of Boujdour-Sahrawi Refugee Camps, Algeria, November 2013.

Kellyann Monaghan (Art and Art History) participated in the following exhibitions: Les Paysage-French Landscapes-Solo Exhibition at the St. Asaph’s Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, January 2013; January Invitational Group Exhibition at the Art Essex Gallery, Essex, CT, January 2013; Summer Art Fair Invitational at Transform Gallery, New Rochelle, NY, July 2013; Views of the City at the George Billis Gallery, New York, NY, July 2013; and Starting Small Summer Exhibition at the Porter Gallery, New York, NY, August 2013.

Georgia Newlin (Music) published Es ist ein Ros’ Entsprungen (SAT B Choral Octavo) (Indianapolis: Colla Voce Music, 2013). She created literacy-based lesson plans for the Crooked River Choral Project, a collection of artful choral music composed with music teaching and learning in mind: “Where Go the Boots” and “The Erie Canal Songs” (Cleveland: Music is Elementary, 2013). She wrote two articles: “Active Music Making Without Moving Around the Room?” in The Orff Echo, 45 (2), p. 28–30, 2013, and “Teaching Students to Hear, Sing, Play, Identify & Enjoy the Modes” in The Kodály Envoy, 39 (3), p. 6–15, 2013. She presented six sessions as the featured clinician for the Elementary Division at the Texas Music Educators Association, San Antonio, TX, February 2013; four sessions as the elementary invited clinician at the New Jersey Music Educators Association, New Brunswick, NJ, February 2013; “Kodály in Undergraduate Music Education” at the Organization of American Kodály Educators National Conference, Hartford, CT, March 2013; “B. Bronson, ‘Are the Modes Outmoded?’” at the International Kodály Symposium, Kodály Pedagogical Institute, Liszt Academy of Music, Keschkemet, Hungary, August 2013; “Modal Madness: Songs and Activities Beyond Major and Minor” at the Kodály Educators of Southern New England, Hartford, CT, September 2013; “For the Love of Art Music!” at the Northern California Association of Kodály Educators, Oakland, CA, September 2013; and, with J. Scott, D. Frego, H. Marshall and J. Bond, “Dalcroze, Gordon, Kodály and Orff: Multiple Paths to One Destination” at the American Orff- Shulwerk Association Professional Development Conference, Denver, CO, November 2013.

Salvatore Petrilli (Mathematics and Computer Science) published, with A.J. Del Latto, “Robert Murphy: Mathematician and Physicist” in Convergence, 2013. He presented “Monsieur Francois-Joseph Servois: His Life and Mathematical Contributions” at MathFest, Hartford, CT, August 2013.

Edward Reno (History) presented “Beyond the Compilation: Technologies of Power in Post-Gratian Canon Law” and “Categories of Coercion: The Administrative Framework for Heresy and Adultery Legislation Under Pope Gregory IX, 1227–41” at the 48th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI, May 2013.

Nicole Rudolph (Languages, Literatures and Cultures) presented “From the Hygienic, Rational Home to the Secure, Sustainable Home: Nature and Technology in French Urban Housing, 1950–2010” at the Society for French Historical Studies, Harvard/ Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, April 2013.

Christopher Saucedo (Art and Art History) participated in the following exhibitions: The End of Optimism, a one-person exhibition at Good Children Gallery, New Orleans, LA, April 2013; Cardak Ni Na Nebu Ni Na Zemlji (A Castle Neither in the Sky nor on Earth: An Old Serbian Fairy Tale), a group exhibition at Barrister’s Gallery, New Orleans, LA, April 2013; Das Glas Halb Leer, Das Glas Halb Voll (The Glass Half Empty / The Glass Half Full), a one-person exhibition at Sternstudio Gallery, Vienna, Austria, July 2013; Crescent City Connection, a group exhibition that features a series in exact weight and volume at Dishman Art Museum, Beaumont, TX, September 2013; Containers, a group exhibition at Proteus Gowanus Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, September 2013; and Red Cross Blankets, a one-person exhibition at Cochenour Gallery, Georgetown College, Georgetown, KY, November 2013. He gave a lecture as a visiting artist at Georgetown College, Department of Art, Georgetown, KY, November 2013.

Robert M. Siegfried (Mathematics and Computer Science) presented the paper, “Does File Sharing Lead to Legal Sales? Student Attitudes on Music Piracy” at CONISAR, San Antonio, TX, November 2013. The peer-reviewed paper was published as part of the conference’s proceedings.

Lee Stemkoski (Mathematics and Computer Science) presented “The Work of Leonhard Euler Related to Fermat’s Last Theorem” at the Joint Mathematics Meeting, San Diego, CA, January 2013.

Brian Stockman (Chemistry) gave an invited presentation of the abstract he coauthored with David Parkin (Chemistry), T.A. Shea, P.J. Burburan, V.N. Matubia, S.S. Ramcharan and I. Rosario Jr., “Identification of Trichomonas vaginalis Uridine Nucleoside Ribohydrolase Inhibitors Using a 19F NMR-Based Activity Assay” at the American Chemical Society Northeast Regional Meeting, New Haven, CT, October 2013.

Christopher Storm (Mathematics and Computer Science), with A. Setyadi, cowrote “Enumeration of Graphs with the Same Ihara Zeta Function” in Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 438 (1), p. 564–572, 2013.

Aram Stump (Biology) published the following articles: with M. Dillon- White and S. Gu, “Molecular Evolution of the Moonlighting Protein SMN in Metazoans” in Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology—Part D: Genomics and Proteomics, 8, p. 220–230, 2013, and, with K. Ostrozhynska, “Selective Constraint and the Evolution of the RNA Polymerase II C-Terminal Domain” in Transcription, 4, p. 77–86, 2013. He presented, with M. Dillon-White and S. Gu, “Molecular Evolution of the Moonlighting Protein SMN in Metazoans” at the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL, July 2013.

Lawrence Sullivan (Political Science), wrote the foreword and served as consulting editor to China Mission: A Personal History from the Last Imperial Dynasty to the People’s Republic (Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 2013).

Melissa VanAlstine-Parris (Chemistry) published, with M.P. Wentland, J. Alvarez, Q. Cao, D.J. Cohen, B.I. Knapp and J. Bidlack, “Redefining the Structure- Activity Relationships of 2,6 Methano-3 Benzazocines. Part 9: Synthesis Characterization and Molecular Modeling of Pyridinyl Isosteres of N-BPE-8-CAC (1), A High Affinity Ligand for Opioid Receptors” in Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 23 (7), p. 2128–2133, 2013.

Raquel Villamil-Acera (Languages, Literatures and Cultures) presented “Género y Mediación Social en el Teatro Cómico Madrileño (1898–1936)” at the Modern Language Association, Boston, MA, January 2013.

Priya Wadhera (Languages, Literatures and Cultures) presented “Double-Dipping: The Madeleine from Literature to Neuroscience” at Trace(s), Fragment(s), Reste(s) / Trace(s), Fragment(s), Remain(s), the 20th- and 21st-Century French and Francophone Studies International Colloquium, Georgia Tech University, Atlanta, GA, March 2013.

Andrea Ward (Biology) wrote, with D. Collar, C. Reynaga and R. Mehta, “A Revised Metric for Quantifying Body Shape in Vertebrates” in Zoology, 116, p. 246–257, 2013. She presented the following: with K. Ackerly, “Determining the Relationship Between Vertebral Morphology and Burst Swimming Performance” and, with K. Galloway and R. Mehta, “Documenting the Mechanisms of Elongation Across Ophidiiformes” at the Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology, San Francisco, CA, January 2013; and, with K. Ackerly, “Variation in Vertebral Number: Causes and Consequences” at the International Congress of Vertebrate Morphology, Barcelona, Spain, July 2013.

Courtney Weida (Art and Art History) participated in the following exhibitions: Public/Private Exquisite Uterus Project, a juried group exhibition of feminist art at Women Made Gallery, Chicago, IL, January 2013; Williamsburg Art & Historical Center Salon Art Exhibition, a juried group show, Brooklyn, NY, January 2013; Book as Art, a juried group exhibition at Cooperative Gallery, Binghamton, NY, February 2013; Drawing Threads Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Memorial Exhibition, an exhibition that consists of 146 squares bearing the names of the men and women who perished in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire made by dozens of artists who worked in techniques including calligraphy, needlepoint, quilting and other fiber art methods at the Rockville Centre Library, Rockville Centre, NY, March 2013; Bound and Unbound II: Altered Book Exhibition, the second annual international juried exhibition of art and exhibits Committee of University Libraries, University of South Dakota, Vermillion, SD, August 2013; Exquisite Uterus Project, a group exhibition of handmade art based on the image and symbol of the female uterus at the Union Gallery, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI, September 2013; and The Art and Craft of Research, an exhibit that explored the relationship between art teaching histories and contemporary community arts projects at the Rockville Centre Library, Rockville Centre, NY, December 2013. She published the following: with C. Bradbury and K. Edwards, “Guerrilla Girlhood Glitter Guild: Researching Hidden Hoards of Tween Treasures” in the Journal of Visual Culture & Gender, 8, p. 7–20, 2013; “Feminist Zines: (Pre) Occupations of Gender Identity, Politics, and Digital Cultures” in the Journal of Social Theory in Art Education, 33, p. 67–85, 2013; with J. Marsh, “Soft and Sustainable Studio Work: Recycling Media, Representing Ecology, and Re-Envisioning Craft with the International Fiber Collaborative” in the Journal of Art for Life, 5, p. 1–26, 2013; and “Frederick Froebel’s Philosophies of Drawing: Play, Representation and Invention” in Visual Inquiry: Teaching & Learning Art, 2, p. 43–54, 2013. She gave two presentations: “Frederick Froebel’s Influences on Drawing Education: Reclaiming Invention and Play in Mark-Marking” at the Thinking Through Drawing Symposium, Columbia University Teachers College, New York, NY, October 2013, and, with C. Bradbury, “Comparing Pre-Adolescent Female Visual Culture Artifacts with Historic Hoards” at Media in Transition 8, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, May 2013.

Susan Weisser (English) published The Glass Slipper: Women and Love Stories (New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 2013).

Brian Wygal (Anthropology) presented: with K.A. Taormina, K.E. Krasinski and F. Seager-Boss, “Site Structure at Chunilna Village: An Athapaskan Salmon Storage Site in Chase, Alaska”; with A. Gundel, K.E. Krasinski and R.M. Tedor, “Patterns in Middle Holocene Lithic Production at Volkmar Lake, Alaska”; and, with K.E. Krasinski and F. Seager-Boss, “Do Recent Discoveries at Trapper Creek Suggest an Earlier Occupation of the Middle Susitna Valley?” at the 40th Annual Meetings of the Alaska Anthropological Association, Anchorage, AK, March 2013.

Sokthan Yeng (Philosophy) wrote “Irigaray’s Meditations on the Duality of Sexuality in Buddhist Ethics” in the Journal of Buddhist Ethics, 20, p. 203–231, 2013.

Cristina Zaccarini (History) wrote the book chapter, “Connecting Histories of Gender, Health and U.S. China Relations” in Making Women’s Histories: Beyond National Perspectives, p. 211–236 (New York: New York University Press, 2013). She presented “The Spiritualist and the Suffragette: Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Victoria Woodhull” at the Women’s Power Strategy Conference, Santa Rosa, CA, June 2013.

Kirsten Ziomek (History) edited The Japanese Empire: Colonial Lives and Postcolonial Struggles (The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus, Course Reader no. 8, 2013).

This piece appeared in the Erudition 2014 edition.


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